Sergey Koseychuk: To prepare the Nikolaev national team on badminton for the Olympic Games-2012, it is necessary to allocate for one athlete 1500 dollars monthly

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More than forty years, but children six started showing to badminton of Nikolaev results only for the last years. Maria Kolechina who at sixteen-year age became the member of the National team of Ukraine was "first signs".

To be engaged in development of the Nikolaev badminton, after twelve years' practice in Russia, there was Sergey Koseychuk. Already today Sergey Nikolaevich brought up the national team which will play in the highest league. We asked the head coach of the Nikolaev national team to tell about formation of this sport in our region and to open prospects which expect our badminton players.

- Sergey Nikolaevich, what difficulties you faced at badminton formation in our city?

- I started working during this period when in Nikolaev of normal results at athletes wasn't. There were casual victories in the championships of Ukraine, but only isolated cases. When in 1994 I arrived from Russia, only three veterans, and, certainly, trained about good results couldn't be and speeches. In 1996 I took more than 70 children of 7-10 years and started working with them. I remember that then in one of national newspapers published a material that the Nikolaev trainer does everything incorrectly. Wanted that there was all and at once. And such doesn't happen. Even Rome not in one day was under construction.

- Meant, what it is wrong to take young children?

- Probably, counted that I will train those athletes who were at that time in Nikolaev. I don't know. But the most important that children whom we took in five years, started showing stable results at various youth games, constantly took prizes. Won against children who were more senior than them on five - six years.

- That is then the Nikolaev national team also "shot" …

- At least, about them learned. I remember, in 2001 we decided to take part in the International tournament which took place in Holland. To us then sent requirements, having executed which we went to these competitions.And so, there everything was very strict - special suits, sneakers, a form, up to what elastic bands girls have to have on the head. And the most important is a worthy level of our badminton players. For our team then the Consul of world badminton who knew about professionalism of the Nikolaev athletes interfered. As a result we became leaders of this tournament.

- The result surprises. But I know that at that moment of a hall for preparation for competitions at you wasn't …

- Yes, during formation we were in continuous search of a hall. Trained at National university of shipbuilding, after FOK on the Alluvium allocated to us a hall, however, there only four courts. Also there was a constant problem with financing. In Nikolaev give preference to priority sports, in particular, to the water.

- But your national team all the same spoke both on European, and at world starts …

- I acted, even very successfully I acted. I was engaged in financing search. Though in the western countries there are managers who everything are engaged in it. After all the trainer has to prepare team, instead of distract on other questions. In Nikolaev only three trainers and all of them look for money.

- Three trainers?.

- Yes, I agree, it isn't enough. In Dnepropetrovsk, for example, 34 trainers though it isn't much more perspective athletes. By the way, it would be desirable to tell that in 12 years of the Nikolaev badminton there was no player in the list of the strongest players of Ukraine, and now them 20.

- As a rule, the strongest players leave from that place, where financings minimum …

- And this problem bypassed us. There are athletes who go to other cities. After all there has to be an interest of athletes in study, money. Mi to works it is rather for "export", instead of we train athletes for ourselves, for the Nikolaev national team. The president of federation of badminton in Ukraine told that in order that children didn't move, it is necessary to make Nikolaev in Kiev.

money makes the mare go...

- In sports it is very difficult without money. Suits, competitions, stock - all these capital investments. Judge for yourself, today the racket costs an average - $95, sneakers - $90, flounces - $1.5 but only for one training to ten flounces break.

- Today the Nikolaev national team plays in the highest league, here also there are problems with financing?

- And much more big, than earlier.Masters of sports of Ukraine Yulia Kazarinova, Mikhail Vorona and Artur Dzhupina came to that level when it is necessary to speak at world competitions already. And thus not to pass them, after all they lose points. I am afraid that having reached a certain age, children will leave. Already today Yulya invited in popular Austrian club. And such offers arrive regularly. It is a pity that financing of our area on the last place, though by results we in the five of the strongest.

- With what cities you compete?

- Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk.

- Sergey Nikolaevich and how you consider, badminton and in general in Ukraine is popular in Nikolaev as a sport?

- Badminton in Ukraine it isn't so strong and it is popular though in Europe and in the world it quite dynamically develops. Only in Turkey the school was given out more than 40 thousand rackets to popularize badminton among pupils.

- Now what purpose you set before your pupils?

- Mikhail Vorona is faced by the purpose - a gain of the permit to the first Junior Olympic Games in Singapore, and as for Yulya, already now we began active preparation for the Olympic Games - 2012 in London.

- And how many money is necessary to prepare children for the World games?

- Now normally to train athletes for the Olympic Games, on one person 1500 dollars monthly are necessary.


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