"Iron" curtain in democratic society?

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Axiom 1-I: it is unlikely there will be at least one person who doesn't know a joke about a laundry and culture institute. Axiom 2-I: logical justification can be brought under any nonsense. Offensively when half-educated persons from Bann - laundry combines are engaged in forming of logical ranks. Seized to the power and sure that the backward tastes will be able to impose to all Ukraine and to crush all objectionable on a root. According to the made decision the National Council concerning television and broadcasting, from cable networks since November 01 have to disappear a number of leading foreign channels which for the long period couldn't adapt the broadcasting for advertizing policy of our state. Approximately such is the official point of view of statesmen: money receives one for advertizing, and all country of others looks. Nikolaev will be able to live any time in conditions of "information intervention" from the outside. After all for anybody isn't a secret which "foreign channels" cause so close attention of officials. To tell that only (or it is simple) - Russian - will be not absolutely true. TV channels "Okhota", "Rybalka" and similar to them all - remain. The speech about other. Exclusively information TV channels like "Russia", "ORT", etc. are removed. That is that others inform the population of Ukraine, different from the Secretariat of the President and Cabinet of Ministers a view of a condition of our life a look. And so, deputies of the City Council attended to obtaining similar information and recommended to local operators and providers of program services not to disconnect the Russian channels from cable networks and obliged them to provide (to organize) access to subscribers of the cable networks in Nikolaev viewing of programs of the Russian channels through collective system of satellite television. Absurdity of a situation in creation of same "Iron Curtain" of a totalitarian Soviet mode from which heads of the state in every way disown. But thus pursue such policy. Instead of creating information product which Ukrainians would like to watch, they try to clean the streams bearing not tops corresponding to party commitment of data.Very democratic and tolerant approach. To tell, equally, as well as to argue on this subject - a useless waste of time. As - that, advertizing at an exhibition - fair of rural tourism in Pirogovo's village of beauty of Nikolayevshchina, the head of department on tourism Tatyana Chichkalyuk told both to the Minister of Culture and tourism to Vasyl Vovkun about a pearl of architectural architecture and spiritual rest - Pelageevsk монастире. What else feelings can arise at the cultural person from remained 12-ти dome Sacredly - the Mikhaylovsky church constructed in 1904, except silent delight and a worship for spiritual inheritance?

- Instead of creation of models pseudo - the Moscow architecture, better attention would pay to Sofia Kiyevskaya. Here, it is necessary where to study, and all of you look at Moskovia, - Vasyl Vovkun's response was such.

And after all these people tell us about culture, calling architecture a kitsch and imitation. Thus forgetting about the roots, about unity of the Slavic people and spiritual relationship. And after all spirituality has no nationality and territorial borders. How many about it don't speak, any more doesn't become.

However, while in Kiev the issue with re-elections isn't resolved, hardly the National Council will risk to excite tranquillity of people. The most interesting that active disobedience to the decision on the termination of relaying of the Russian channels is observed not only in the southern region, but also in Ivano - Frankovsk and Lviv. And speak, we different. We are one people, here only our politicians don't want it. Despite assurance about the return.


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