Omelchuk against Garkusha: the court proceeds

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On May 28, in the Central district court of Nikolaev the next, third court session in Alexander Omelchuk's claim to Alexey Garkushe took place.

If the first two meetings could be considered as "swing", on the third which lasted all day and on which witnesses were heard, emerged which - that interesting.

The claimant the question, by what right for the Avtotransobsluzhivaniye enterprise which director was Andrey Omelchuk initially interested, unexpectedly the shaft of checks of the Nikolaev management of "Gosgortekhnadzor" suddenly collapsed? Garkusha's lawyers, at last - that, I provided "document" by which these checks are explained. It is a certain order of territorial administration of "Gosgortekhnadzor" on introduction of special position in the sphere enterprises dorozhno - the transport services, published by the chief of the department Nikolay Eropunov, allegedly, in connection with the increased number of road accident.

But, in - the first, it didn't belong to the Avtotransobsluzhivaniye enterprise in any way - there no road accidents existed. In - the second, in this "order" aren't present signatures of staff of "Gosgortekhnadzor" who have to carry out inspections and which would have to confirm with signatures that with the order are acquainted.

But the most interesting: when the lawyer Omelchuka Yury Kuzovlev asked, this order from where undertook (after all any order is registered in accordance with the established procedure! ) Garkusha's defenders couldn't answer anything. Here endurance from dialogue of lawyers:

- Where you took this document? - Kuzovlev asks.

- I don't know... I don't remember... - Garkusha's lawyer answers.

- Where you took this document? - the lawyer Omelchuka addresses to Garkusha's second lawyer.

- Found...

- Where found? In a garbage can?

- So found. You are happy?.

In such spirit about 10 minutes Garkusha's representatives explained to court an origin of the mysterious order which suddenly "was".

Similarly there "was" also other proof of "innocence" of Garkusha - a disk with record of that fatal board of regional administration on February 29 after which Andrey Omelchuk died.

The matter is that records of boards are always conducted on the audio cassette. The chief of the general department of the regional state administration Galina Trosinenko subpoenaed as the witness told about it.According to Galina Nikolaevna, the audio recording of boards is stored in their department at least ten days, and in practice - 2-3 months.

Naturally, Yury Kuzovlev had a question: from where the digital disk with record of board if the general department writes down it on the audio cassette undertook? Garkusha's lawyer of anything distinct couldn't answer this question, but, eventually, admitted that her principal gave this disk to her personally. That is - Garkusha! It isn't necessary to explain that with the digitized record, unlike audio, it is possible to do, anything.

To this mysterious history with a disk it is necessary to add one more fact: right after Omelchuk's death the deputy of a regional council Nikolay Zhuk sent inquiry to regional administration with a request to provide it the copy of record of that board. And to it in writing answered: records aren't present, it was lost! And now suddenly I was moreover and in "figure" moreover from hands of the governor - that is the respondent in this lawsuit! All this, to put it mildly, discrepancies testify to one: Garkusha's team tries to hide true circumstances which Andrey Omelchuk's death preceded.

In the center of these circumstances, as well as at the previous court session, there was Dmitry Oboronko's figure. The judge Vladimir Aleynikov tried to find out, on what basis that called to itself(himself) employees of regional administration, distributed instructions - after all at that time he was registered all - navsy as the director of the Factory regional center of employment! "Why you followed its instructions? " - the judge asked. Agree, a question lawful: after all Oboronko (without having any status in YEAH! ) on behalf of Garkusha "pressed" on Andrey Omelchuk.

I confirmed it in the indications and Galina Trosinenko. She told how literally in some days after Garkusha's appointment as the acting as the governor I met Andrey Omelchuk leaving an office in whom Oboronko sat. Such she yet didn't see Andrey Andreevich: that had a red person, hands shivered, all it was excited to a limit. Omelchuk at once asked a question:

- Who such Oboronko?

- Yes anybody, - Trosinenko


- How so? It called me in administration, on behalf of Garkusha demanded to write the resignation at own will. And if I don't write, I told, to me it will be bad, - Andrey Omelchuk was indignant.

Very important strokes to Oboronko's portrait were added in court by the deputy of a regional council Anatoly Nikolenko who was included into the working group on check of activity of "Avtotransobsluzhivaniya" and which in court also acted as the witness. According to him, on Andrey Omelchuk's funeral "Avtotransobsluzhivaniya's" workers approached to him and told how in day of death of Andrey Andreevich called Oboronko: reported about death. According to them, Oboronko answered so:

- There to it also it is expensive long ago!

"I don't think that Garkusha knows these subtleties about this milksop Oboronko and if knows, it doesn't paint it", - Anatoly Nikolenko told in court.

Perhaps, it not "a stroke to a portrait", and something bigger. Such words illustrate a mentality, style of the relation to people which is professed by the person directing (and leading still! ) people on behalf of Garkusha. And how here not to remember a proverb: "The suite does the king! "

What else proofs of "non-participation" of Garkusha and his suite to Andrey Omelchuk's death will emerge - will show court which proceeds.

The following hearing - on June 4 at 11.00


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