Mass media: Tabachnik and Gritsak intend to leave Party of Regions

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The People's Deputy Dmitry Tabachnik decided to leave ranks of the party of regions (PR). About it with reference to own sources reports The Kommersant — Ukraine edition. The corresponding statement, according to newspaper sources, it personally gave to the party leader Victor Yanukovych in October. After that Tabachnik allegedly started conducting negotiations with representatives of Communist Party on the further participation in their electoral list in case of snap parliamentary elections. Besides, in PR claim that negotiations with KPU are conducted by one more deputy from party - Vasily Gritsak.

"He (Dmitry Tabachnik - an editor's note) personally put the application for a table to the party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych", - told the "Kommersant" a source in the Ave. management. According to him, Tabachnik's decision is a reaction to the conflict to the deputy head of fraction of party Boris Kolesnikov.

It is known that in September after the political council of PR excluded Raisa Bogatyreva from ranks of the party of the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, in interview the Internet - to the Observer edition Boris Kolesnikov declared that it was necessary to exclude not it, and Dmitry Tabachnik. "If to be consecutive, it is necessary to begin not with Bogatyreva! Let's bring up a question of an exception of this cheap clown, Dmitry Tabachnik! " - the deputy head of fraction declared then. In his opinion, it was necessary to exclude Tabachnik for his words at the last congress of PR in Severodonetsk. "You remember? "Hugo's businessmen - the East seek to agree with Yushchenko as money loves silence". Who tells it? ! The embezzler of public funds who hasn't created in the life of any business? How he in general can judge? What he in general is able to do, except as books and pictures from and so rather poor Ukrainian museums to pinch? " - Kolesnikov was indignant."We will surely insist on drastic measures on Tabachnika! This my opinion, Rinat Akhmetov and Hugo's all businessmen - the East - party members of regions", - was told by him.

In PR claim that Tabachnik "was very upset" with that the party leadership didn't condemn Boris Kolesnikov's statement. "Tabachnik at first in a fit of temper spoke, and then wrote the application. He expected from our leader (Victor Yanukovych) of reaction in the protection, but it didn't occur. Though to Mykola Azarov as to the head of the central control commission, it was entrusted to understand it. But Kolesnikov's statements didn't receive an assessment. Besides, Tabachnik declared that when electoral lists will be discussed, he won't go any more even if him will call", - told the "Kommersant" a source in the management of the Ave.

With Tabachnik the edition didn't manage to communicate. His assistant reported that "the chief within a week is on the sick-list". On a request of journalists of the newspaper to comment on the present relations with Dmitry Tabachnik Boris Kolesnikov answered: "Everything that I wanted to tell, I already told, and now I wait for its public answer".

It should be noted that officially in party leadership claim that they don't know about Dmitry Tabachnik's exit. "We didn't consider such question. At the last presidium no applications and conversations for this subject existed", - the deputy head of PR fraction Vladimir Rybak declared to the "Kommersant" and added that if Tabachnik really leaves PR, the party will lose "the serious and clever politician".

In the off-records mode the representatives of PR interrogated by the edition called the statement of mister Tabachnik "bluff". "Tabachnik pretends to be the little fool. He simply wants that the presidium understood the conflict which has arisen between it and Kolesnikov. But anybody never will acquit him", - declared a source in party.

We will note, in parallel with information on the conflict in Party of Regions there were data that a number of "regionals", including Dmitry Tabachnik, conduct negotiations on participation in an electoral list of Communist Party in case of early parliamentary elections. The leader of KPU Pyotr Simonenko didn't confirm yesterday, but also didn't disprove these data. "I don't build assumptions - the person makes an act after that we define the position", - he told. At the same time Simonenko noted that "Dmitry Tabachnik has a name as the politician it very educated, with the accurate position, and can become useful to any party".

At the same time, some deputies of Communist Party spoke categorically against appearance of representatives of PR in their lists. "A question after all not that Tabachnik aspires in Communist Party because without her idea and ideology can't live. He wants to be in the list. And so, I speak to Dmitry Tabachnik: or it in the list of Communist Party will be, or I! Together we won't be! - Leonid Grach declared. - Now there are so much wishing to get to us to party, especially why - that of Party of Regions, and it the place in the list shouldn't be".

One more "regional" who allegedly is looking narrowly at KPU, Vasily Gritsak is. "It discredited long ago itself(himself) in party. Gritsak protects only the business - interests", - one of members of the Ave. considers. According to him, Gritsak is close to the prime minister - to the minister and the Minister of Internal Affairs and already tried to agree about a place in the list "National self-defense" then to get to the BYuT list, but at it it turned out nothing.

"With anybody I don't conduct negotiations! " - Gritsak declared to the "Kommersant", having added, however, that it "is imposed by a consecutive position of fraction of Communist Party in the Verkhovna Rada".

"During my stay in parliament of more consecutive political force, than Communist Party, I didn't see. They work for national interests and don't change the principles", - Vasily Gritsak admitted.


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