Nikolaev "our Ukraine" collapses? The authority was resigned by the head of a gororganization and the head of fraction in a regional council

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The Nikolaev regional party organization "Our Ukraine" collapses in the eyes. Such remove arise after information which have appeared today.

As it became known "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", the application for addition of the powers was written by the head of the Nikolaev city organization "Our Ukraine" Oleg Kiryukhin.Besides that Oleg Mikhaylovich any more doesn't want to direct Nikolaev "nasheukrainets", he doesn't want to be and the member of this party. He wrote the corresponding application still on October 14.

As Oleg Mikhaylovich commented on a situation, such decision was made by him in connection with disagreement with a position of party leadership and, including, the honourable head of "our Ukraine" V. Yushchenko which they occupied recently.

Also it became known that the deputy of the Nikolaev regional council, the head of NSNU fraction Victor Gorbachev wrote in the office of council the application for addition from himself deputy powers, and after that - the statement for a desertion of the party.

As Victor Gorbachev, ex-the People's Deputy of two convocations and the known businessman in Nikolaev told, this act - natural reaction that occurs in the country, on actions of the President and representatives of NSNU in parliament. Reports

"I don't want to have to it relation. It not those people who have to direct today the country. And I don't find it possible to represent for myself this political force in regional council", - V. Gorbachev declared.

At the same time he doesn't think yet of return to parliament though in Kiev he and held some meetings with the former colleagues.

"All forces which there are now presented, is already last for the country. It isn't interesting to me. I well know these people and therefore I don't see myself in any of party lists. Including because I know how these party lists are formed. If on the Ukrainian political horizon there are real new political forces, then I, probably, again will return to this question", - noted, already probably ex-nasheukrainets.

Victor Gorbachev and the possible participation in the following mayor elections commented.He didn't tell neither "yes", nor "no" because to speak about it more in detail "while early".

The declaration of abandonment of Victor Gorbachev of deputy powers and an exit from NSNU will be announced at the closest session of the Nikolaev regional council which will take place on November 21.

According to available information, ranks of "our Ukraine" also were left Hera of Ukraine, by the deputy of the Nikolaev regional council, the director of shipbuilding plant "Okean" Nikolay Romanchuk.


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