THREE WARS were endured by museum of local lore, but the present regional power will be endured hardly …

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In December of this year to regional museum of local lore 95 years will be executed. Intermediate anniversary is painted by emotional grief. On April 12, 2008 the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey GARKUSHA on a press - conferences accurately designated existence prospect in the city of the oldest cultural institution.

There is a sense to quote the answer of the official to journalists. Here it: "The enormous areas allocated for today's regional museum of local lore, aren't necessary, it isn't necessary to create museum monsters and to produce museum holdings … Why to settle a set of establishments under one roof?. Today regional museum of local lore such monster …".

We asked to comment on this statement Galina Ivanovna MARUNICH who devoted to local history work all life and passed a career way from the research associate to the director of the Nikolaev regional museum of local lore.

- Galina Ivanovna, it isn't difficult to guess your alleged reaction to the answer of the governor. Let's try reject towards emotion and quietly to look at a problem. How you estimate prospect of existence of museum of local lore today?

- The Nikolaev museum of local lore - one of the oldest museums of the South of Ukraine. It appeared at the beginning of the XIX century approximately in at one time with Feodosiysky, Odessa and Kerch. Wars, revolution, golodomor and the German occupation couldn't stop it dynamic development. Museum funds were formed from the first years of foundation. So, the collection of antiquities was created in 1806 at the Black Sea depot of cards, later - at a mate company.

The remarkable people of which names our city can be proud were collectors. The chief commander of the Black Sea fleet the admiral of I.I.TRAVERSE created meetings of antique marble with inscriptions, sculptures and numismatics. Fans of old times - the doctor V. V. STRADOMSKY, the citizen D. G. DZINO, the academician I. Tsvetaev, scientists I.A. STEMPKOVSKY and B. V. FARMAKOVSKY - created very big collection of archaeological materials.FRANTsOV - the fan and the beautiful expert on natural study. Its unique museum was known far outside the Russian Empire. I promoted meeting of collections and the mayor of N.P.LEONTOVICh - the founder of the Nikolaev zoo. This list can be continued.

Sergey Ivanovich GAYDUCHENKO - the lawyer by training, the best expert on history of edge became the initiator of creation of full-fledged museum of local lore in the city and its first director. It gave here the Ukrainian collections.

On December 26, 1913 on new style our museum solemnly opened. About it the local and capital press wrote much. Unfortunately, директорствовал Sergey Ivanovich not for long. Hunger undermined its health, and in 1922 it died.

The museum of local lore together with the city had severe times. It worked and in the German occupation, and in post-war ruin. The previous authorities understood that the city community is cemented by the general historical memory, and rendered us feasible assistance. First secretary of the Nikolaev regional committee of KPU VA. VASLYaEV, the secretary of a city town committee E.A. ShORIN, the secretary on ideology L.V. KISLICHENKO and other officials not only made decisions on creation of it "the museum monster", but also directly directed all course stroitelno - restoration works.

Now we have an accident situation. Some tens years the city remain without full-fledged exposition. The 160-thousand collection is buried in close storages of the building which any more doesn't belong to the museum. Three generations of citizens don't know history of the native land or have about it the distorted, mythologized knowledge. To our past the regional community will feel consequences of such relation of the authorities soon. Our children will stop being "NIKOLAEVTsAMI".

Why the unfortunate museum seemed to the governor the monster? It is thought that the answer lies on a surface. To the owner of area particular persons of "pragmatic investors", taken notice the on the earth and rooms of Old naval barracks are already known.
Here listen as official newspapers sound governor's words: "The option offered by experts when investors for own means, let us assume, arrange well a court yard of the town is considered and do still any planned works, and for itself … where - that there, at the end of the yard, build …"

The question why this option is considered without participation of museum experts arises.Why and from where at the governor such scornful, even an aversion for monuments of material and spiritual culture, for our past? It that - not nikolayevets?.

Quite recently scientific personnel of the museum headed by the director L. D. HLOPINSKA developed the scientific concept of the museum town in the territory of Old naval barracks. Lyudmila Dmitriyevna personally submitted to the President of Ukraine the plan - the museum model. The previous governor of the region A. V. SADYKOV started undertaking measures for acceleration of repair of rooms.

But suddenly everything failed. The governor was replaced, came new, and … Lyudmila Dmitriyevna died. Repair is stopped. Nobody knows that will be farther with the museum. Today the main basic museum which has been so unfairly called by "monster", is in position of the bum. If the governor takes away Old naval barracks from a community, in general the hope falls to have in the city though any museum.

To the word (and to our shame! ) among the regional centers of Ukraine Nikolaev - the only city which has no full-fledged exposition on stories of the native land.

I already am silent that some generations of museum workers selflessly achieved improvement of the material resources. Infinite applications, correspondence, visits to various instances, articles, meetings - protests … and here - reached. Already, it appears, it is necessary to change "the relation to museum policy".

Today museum really monster. There is a wish to reflect on the one who brought it to such state.

Having given to local history work not one ten years and having put a lot of effort into that the exposition took place in the worthy room, I can't be silent and reconciled today with "policy" of the governor in the relation cultural - historical heritage of our edge. The official distorts the facts. Anybody and never planned to collect all city museums "under one roof" in Old naval barracks.

The museum of shipbuilding and fleet which now partially substitutes local history, always was branch regional. And it is natural as its first exhibits were taken from meetings of the head museum. And skilled research associates for it were also defined from collective local history. History of other branch - the museum podpolno - guerrilla movement of a name of Lyagin - just the same. They exist and will independently exist especially as them created in buildings - monuments of history and the architecture, thematically connected with edge events.

By the way, it should be noted that the tendency of museum association that allows to have higher category and more opportunities to carry out search, scientifically - research work, to get subjects of museum value is around the world observed.

Today our many thousands collection allows to create the most diversified museums: archeology, city building, architecture, literary museum, ethnographies, stories of sports, history of edge, its national economy, nature … That costed only by one of the collections of minerals best still in the Soviet Union in our museum! Strange form and polishing crystals, multi-colored jaspers, row small, but real jewels: emeralds, turquoise, topazes, disgraces, moonstone, rock crystal and other. Not for nothing in due time the Moscow museum of the nature tried to get at us this collection, motivating with that we have no opportunity to show it. And what collection of the weapon!. And numismatics!.

The project of the museum town in Old naval barracks considered all variety of our funds. Each meter of future territory bore a certain loading. Now the governor interfered with this exposition, and gives the town areas to abstract investors who "need to be motivated with the land plots". Why such motivation of certain citizens if as a result the community loses everything is necessary to the city? Farewell, uniform museum complex. Hello, glass cubes of offices and banks.

The museum is necessary to the city. Citizens without the museum will degrade as people who bury the past degrade and don't care of preservation of historical memory.

Today I ripened need of creation of the board of trustees of the museum which would combine efforts of government institutions, business owners, public figures. Such council existed at us during the pre-revolutionary period.
"New museum policy" governor - big grief for a regional community. Officials come and leave. In museum funds there is evidence of imperious activity of provincial chiefs. What inheritance will be left behind by the present governor? It isn't known. But it is known that it to us doesn't leave.

I talked


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