"New turn" conflict in the residential district "Northern"

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The conflict which has inflamed between Paradiz civil engineering firm and inhabitants Architect Starov Street in the residential district Northern last Saturday got unexpected permission. We will remind - within the last two months inhabitants three times (!) took down a construction fence, protesting against construction in long ago rendered habitable yard. On Saturday, May 31 inhabitants again left to the yard. However, this time, anybody didn't take down any fences and in general broke nothing. People left to build. Also constructed - in days in the yard the remarkable multipurpose playground grew. In plans residents had an installation of a platform long ago - but everything didn't suffice means. The public organization "Our City" helped - with its help the playground was acquired. Ordered it in Kiev, in the Budmontazh firm specializing on release of playgrounds over ten years. And helped to establish a method of "national building". And, children worked on an equal basis with adults: dug poles under a swing, dragged sand, cleaned garbage …
Bright, colourful lodges, hills, sandboxes, gymnastic complexes forced to begin to shine at once the yard new paints: to pass by, not to pay attention - it is simply impossible. Installation of a platform finished on Sunday, just in Children's Day. The domestic children, despite the paint which hasn't dried yet in a trice mastered a new place of game, having removed with old, established by builders and already, in places, begun to collapse platforms. We were glad all - both children, and adults, and locals and simply passersby. And in general, hardly will be in the city of people which won't be glad at such news.
And here at Paradiz firm, under a certain Roman Osadchuk's leadership, in it time of occasions for pleasure is even less, than after the demolished fence. The matter is that the considerable part of a brand new platform is established just in that territory where are going to begin disputable construction against which inhabitants furiously rose. And there now will build it is very problematic - even if all bribe takers - architects, land surveyors and other viewfinders of it very much will want.Really there will be the person, capable to raise a hand against a playground? And if is then there are bases to believe that inhabitants will go outside already at all with screw-drivers and wrenches …

In the yard on Architect Starov Street lives over two thousand people - on the number of other such yard isn't present in all city. It is a lot of young families and, respectively, many children of the most different age. And here the normal playground, until recently, wasn't any. And to anybody - neither to the city authorities, nor deputies, numerous to "defenders of national interests" before this business wasn't. And here last Saturday inhabitants "Northern" at last - that closed this problem. And at the same time also showed to all city as it is necessary to fight for the rights.

At us now it is fashionable to protect children. Most often, the truth all "protection" is reduced to grandiloquent speeches in Children's Day and ardent to appeals. Really to children's problems to anybody affairs aren't present. For the last decade playgrounds in the yards, constructed at the time of the USSR completely collapsed. And the yards doesn't remain soon - everything will leave under building by elite apartments for "new Ukrainians" on one and a half - two thousand dollars for square meter. To simple people leave only intra domestic drives. On this background, everything that occurs on "Northern", inspires if not optimism, then hope. Perhaps really the people at last - that will regain consciousness from hibernation and will tell the loaded word?
If there is a game without rules, sooner or later people will start establishing the rules.


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