The first Nikolaev слэм: Kiev won against the province

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Saturday evening at beer small restaurant of "Quarter No. 7" was remembered to citizens by the eccentricity. For the first time in our city I took place poetic слэм. Passing in walls of the "overturned" room (the floor and a ceiling in this bar "traded" places), слэм turned consciousness of many present.

In general, slemy call a certain cocktail from provocations, irony, anarchy and the punk. It is urged to surprise. Many call слэм a new stage in poetry development, after all here it regenerates and develops without any framework: whether it be morals or censorship. For Nikolaev слэм - new movement therefore the leader of first poetic "fight" was invited from Khmelnytsky.

Before action the slemer and the leader Dmitry Levitsky told that the history of this movement began about three years ago. The writer Anatoly Ulyanov stood at the origins.

"The first слэм took place at a festival "Kiev Monasteries" about three years ago, - D. Levitsky noted. - Legends go that else at the end of 90-x years the known Ukrainian writer Sergey Zhadan carried out in Kharkov something similar. But as complete "ивент" (event) as a certain branch of art, слэм is the Ulyanovsk current".

Slem is a mockery, laughter over himself and people around. It has to shake listeners who also are also the audience. The main task of the poets addressing public to cause in it emotions: disgust, hatred or admiration. It was followed also by the Nikolaev youth. First show by something reminded "comedy club": trite jokes and obscene lexicon which afforded both the leader, and acting poets. But soon participants and the audience began "to enjoy", and the rest of evening resembled on "перфоменс" with the logic and sense more. Certainly, not all poets tried as - to present that the poem. Therefore It should be noted performances of inhabitant of Kiev Artem Balezhaki who not only surprised with sense of verses ("Barack Obama's Ghost", about a site ""), but also their representation: recitative in style "хип-хоп", composition with the inflatable rubber woman, driving on a floor and execution mini - operas.The Nikolaev poet Oleg Polam who has executed in one of rounds the poem under national motive was allocated also.

In total participants was 12. The verses presented Evgeny Koshin from Donetsk, Artem Balezhaka from Kiev, Gritsko Semenchuk from Lviv, nikolayevets Dmitry Kazakov, Nikita Skvortsov, Sasha Popova, Dasha Iskova, Slava Dyryavy, Michel, Semyon Kniga, Arkady Surov and Oleg Polam.

The jury as a part of five people was chosen spontaneously: each viewer could become a judge and estimate "virtuosity" and "contents" of the presented poems. The poet who gained more points, passed in the following round. The players of jury were changed in each round. A. Polezhaka became the winner of the first Nikolaev слэма. He won a prize - 500 UAH, provided by the audience (the entrance fee of 10 UAH from the person formed a prize fund).

By the way, at the beginning of evening D. Levitsky in conversation with the correspondent of MKMK noted that Artem Polezhaka is considered one of the best slemer in Ukraine. And the real slemer in our country about 20.

"In the slemakh I participate where - those one and a half years, - A. Polezhaka told. - I am not a writer, I don't write texts for reading. My texts - variety poetry. They are intended to read them in clubs and halls. They are interesting in the atmosphere "here and now". It is rumored that I invincible. I won't be over-modest. But I won only in three slemakh, including Nikolaev".

The inhabitant of Kiev noted that the Nikolaev public was pleasant to him, but "it unexpected and spontaneous because can give marks "5", "1", "2", etc.".

And here the dean of faculty of foreign philology of NGGU of Pyotr Mogila, Candidate of Philology, associate professor Alexander Pronkevich who has taken the floor after the announcement of results слэма, told: "Compering was pleasant to me most of all". So the leader of evening received an assessment "perfectly" from lips of the philologist.

We will remind that the first Nikolaev слэм passed within a festival of arts "Art - the Leaf fall".


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