Mintranssvyaz gave the order to profile public industries the next year. GP "The Delta — the Pilot" shouldn't work in general?

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Despite crisis, Mintranssvyaz demands to provide in drafts of financial plans of public industries of branch growth of the income to 45%.

Last week on public industries of system of Mintranssvyaz the order No. 1270 of October 16 "About the approval of financial plans of the enterprises of branch for 2009" which copy edition has arrived. The exigeant tasks are set for the railroads, ports and "Ukrpochta".

AS THEY SAY in the order, "the preliminary analysis of drafts of financial plans for 2009 testifies that at their formation actions for increase of efficiency of the tariff policy, carried out Mintranssvyaz in 2008, and also planned by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine of 10.09.2008 No. 799 gross domestic product growth" aren't considered.

According to the order, the structure of the income of the enterprises towards increase has to be reconsidered. In particular, for the Borispol airport growth of the income not less than for 45%, the railroads - not less than 40%, sea trade ports - not less than 35%, "Ukrpochta" - not less than 25%, other enterprises - for 15% is provided. However, excessively optimistical plans (taking into account a present situation) can be softened as the specified indicator of growth calculates from level of 2008. And what its results while anybody can't predict will be.

The enterprises also have to count indicators of net profit. The highest level is defined for Dnepro - the Bugsky seaport which profitability has to be not lower than 34%. Though it is strange that for this enterprise in general establish the plan, after all until the end of the year it has to stop existence and be a part of the Nikolaev port. For other ports such level of profitability is established: Odessa - 27%, Mariupol, October, Southern - not less than 12%, Ilyichevsky - not less than 10%. In the document GP "Liski" - 27%, the Borispol airport - 20% and the railroads - not less than 10% are also separately specified. For other enterprises - not less than 5%. However, at the majority of the mentioned enterprises approximately such level of profitability also was recorded following the results of nine months. And here "Ukrzaliznytsya" has to double this indicator almost (now 5,6%).

It is interesting also thatGP "The Delta — the Pilot" - the most profitable enterprise of sea branch following the results of last year (52%) - next year has to come at least to level of 5%.

Dynamics of growth of payments in the state budget not below level of this year has to be thus provided. Meanwhile following the results of nine months growth of this indicator makes 44%.

Really, this year tariffs for rail transportation, port collecting and rates of payments for cargo handling in ports within 30 - 60% were raised. However, in ports increase took place only in the second half of the year, and it will be difficult to these enterprises to provide growth of the income by 35%.

"Укрзализныця" will be able to execute the financial plan if tariffs are raised again since January 1 approximately for 40%. Then at preservation of last year's volumes of transportations and cargo handlings these financial plans can be considered realistic.

As for sea trade ports, not all from them will be able to execute financial plans even the current year. According to the data published to Mintranssvyaz, in nine months of the current year as a whole the situation was normal. Total amounts of cargo handling grew by 9,5% at growth of export by 13,1% and decrease in transit by 0,4%. These indicators were generally reached at the expense of Nikolaev (+35,9%), Ilyichevsky (+24,1%) and Odessa ports (+10,5%). And here in ports where the lion's share of cargo handling is the share of coal, metal and raw materials for metallurgy, crisis was distinctly shown till October. In Kerch port falling made 16,5%, in Mariupol - 3,5%, Southern - 0,7%. Thus in Youzhny transit freght traffic was reduced by 23% or for 2,5 million t.

Certainly, for the sake of performance of objectives ports can take and cardinal measures - sharp reduction of the personnel. So, even in the largest and most profitable Odessa port the question of reduction of 15% of workers is considered. The matter is that in October in Odessa processing of metalfreights of which 25-30% of goods turnover are the share sharply decreased. In July the port accepted on the average 242 cars with metal per day, and in October - 53. In comparison with October, 2007 metal processing decreased by 24% in Ilyichevsk to port. It should be noted that Odessa and Ilyichevsk relied on development of highly profitable transfer of containers that will allow them to minimize crisis consequences. And in other ports the situation is much less optimistical.

In the order also there is point which performance threatens plans for increase in net profit and growth of payments in the state budget. The enterprises have to provide in financial plans revaluation of fixed assets with approach them to real cost, taking into account carried-out "audit" to count indicators of depreciation charges and, respectively, capital investments at the expense of own means. The increase in amortotchisleniye and growth of expenses complicate a problem of increase in net profit due to reduction of capital investments.

In such situation if heads of the enterprises assume raised and obviously impracticable obligations for 2009 for them it it is fraught with dismissal. We will remind that in the spring of Mintranssvyaz re-signed with heads of the enterprises contracts under the terms of which the head can be dismissed in case of the current non-performance of the financial plan, even despite objective circumstances.

Present strategy of the head of transport department surprisingly reminds economic policy of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko who set in due time the task for the government to provide by the end of 2005 GDP growth for 40% in comparison with 2000. And I noted: "The program of a five-years period is accepted by congress, and nobody has the right to cross out it".


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