The Ukrainian metallurgists are adjusted to increase outputs

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The majority of the metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine in November of the current year intend to increase steel smelting in comparison with the last month, except the Mariupol metallurgical complex (MMK) of Ilyich, "Zaporozhstal" and Dneprovsky metallurgical complex of. Dzerzhinsky.

Such data contain in materials to "a round table" at the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine of overcoming of the crisis phenomena in metallurgical and the allied industries, passing in Kiev on Monday.

According to the document, in November the main steel companies of Ukraine intend to make 1,9 million tons of steel while last month the output made 1,861 million tons. At the same time in December decrease in volumes of smelting of steel to 1,6 million tons is planned.

Thus in November on Makeevsky metal works (MMZ) production will increase from 10 thousand tons (in October) to 13 thousand tons, in December - to 50 thousand tons, on Enakiyevsky MZ (EMZ) such indicators are expected: 180/233/160 thousand tons respectively, on "Azovstal" - 412/448/300 thousand tons, Donetsk MZ (DMZ) - 34/31/25 thousand tons, MMK of Ilyich - 214/130/150 thousand tons, Alchevsk metallurgical complex (AMK) - 141/106/140 thousand tons, "ArcelorMittal Krivoi Rog" - 281/402/200 thousand tons, DMK of. Dzerzhinsky - 140/101/110 thousand tons, "Zaporozhstal" - 218/170/180 thousand tons and DMZ of. Petrovsky - 58/61/35 thousand tons.

At the same time cast iron outputs in November will keep or will increase the majority of steel companies, except MMK of Ilyich, AMK, "Zaporozhstal" and DMK of. Dzerzhinsky. On MMZ, in particular, production is expected in October/November/December at the level of 24/26/50 thousand tons, on EMZ - 168/203/150 thousand tons respectively, on "Azovstal" - 361/374/250 thousand tons, DMZ - 26/-/30 thousand tons, MMK of Ilyich - 203/120/120 thousand tons, AMK - 133/90/120 thousand tons, "ArcelorMittal Krivoi Rog" - 258/367/180 thousand tons, DMK of. Dzerzhinsky - 129/96/100 thousand tons, "Zaporozhstal" - 210/138/143 thousand tons and DMZ of. Petrovsky - 65/65/40 thousand tons.

Thus according to intersectoral balance of Ukraine the need of steel companies for coke in November will make 833 thousand tons, in December - 721 thousand tons.

As it was reported, in 10 months 2008 production of ready hire and steel in Ukraine decreased by 6% - to 28,123 million tons and 33,479 million tons, cast iron - for 5%, to 28,037 million tons. In 2007 of steel company of Ukraine increased production of ready hire by 5% - to 36,168 million tons, became - for 5%, to 42,830 million tons, cast iron - for 8%, to 35,647 million tons.


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