The mayor Chaika agreed with Party of Regions that to the Hero of Ukraine sold the land plot?

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Yesterday, on November 11, meeting 30-й sessions of the Nikolaev city council took place.

Besides other questions, questions of sale of three land plots were submitted for discussion of deputies, namely:

1) Question "About sale of the land plot of JSC Nikolaev Plant of Ferroconcrete Products, to the address: Industrialnaya St., 3а for a production activity";

2) Question "About sale of the land plot of JSC Nibulon down the street Pushkin, 12/1";

3) Question "About sale of the land plot to Denkovich Roman Sidorovich on Yantarnaya St., 1а for house service".

Remind that all these questions were already submitted for consideration of people's deputies on 29-й sessions The Nikolaev city council and then their discussion was very rough. Then all three decisions didn't pass, generally from - for disagreement of deputies of "regionals" and it in spite of the fact that the Nikolaev mayor "dragged" these decisions as could. On October 30 the Nikolaev mayor on one of these questions reacted to vote by the phrase: "Go and tell the Hero of Ukraine why you made such decision".

Yesterday all three questions accepted "without fight", can be except for the third land plot - Roman Denkovich wanted to get 2 233 sq.m. almost for 85 thousand UAH, but the City Council can sell to the individual only 1 000 sq.m. therefore Roman Sidorovich will rent the rest.

Interestingly it turns out and with sites on Industrialnaya St., 3а and on Pushkinskaya St., 12/1.

This time "regionals" who at last session in fact "cut" these questions, almost unanimously voted pro. That could affect their opinion for last one and a half weeks - so much time passed from the previous session - it isn't known. Really Chaika had to agree with N. Kruglov? Possibly yes. And, most likely, it managed it …

As told sources in Nikolaevsk the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, recently in a lobby of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Vladimir Chaika about something talked to Nikolay Petrovich, judging by tone - persuading, persistently demanding and insisting.And already next day near the building of a public reception of Nikolay Petrovich in Nikolaev it was possible to see practically all representatives of a depuy corps from the given political strength. There, on - visible, deputies received TsU from the head to vote for sale of the land plots.

The result didn't keep itself waiting - the land question which was "dragged" so persistently by the mayor was solved positively.

Though it is possible, these facts aren't connected in any way among themselves …


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