The Cabinet of Ministers prepares for school students "sports revolution"

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Representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of affairs of a family, youth and sports decided to change approach to exercises in educational institutions. The increased quantity of cases of death of pupils and students at physical education classes in 2008 became a reason for these changes. Ministers made the decision to increase the regular number of medical workers at schools, and also to put standards of training programs for physical training in dependence on age and specific features of pupils, reports The Kommersant — Ukraine edition.

Yesterday the vice-the prime minister Ivan Vasyunyk held joint meeting of boards of the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of affairs of a family, youth and sports. Participants of meeting discussed ways of reforming of system of physical training in educational institutions of Ukraine. Acting before gathered, the Minister of Education and Science Ivan Vakarchuk, in particular, noted that in 2008 the quantity of cases of death of pupils and students increased during exercises. According to its data, from 2003 to 2007 in the country it was fixed "from one to three such cases in a year", in their current academic year already five.

Vakarchuk reported also that in his ministry the working group which prepares methodical recommendations concerning application of control educational standards for physical culture is created. "Before adoption of new requirements, the Ministry of Education cancelled performance of exercises which define a level of development of such physical qualities as endurance and speed", - were added by him. Need of revision of existing standards for a physical education was maintained also by the Minister of Health Vasily Knyazevich."Only 30% of children can carry out such loadings without risk for health, and only at 18-24% of children restoration of a functional condition of an organism after implementation of standards happens favorably", - he told.

Participants of meeting approved the draft decision offered by ministers unanimously. He assumes development and the statement of a number of the documents, urged to change approach to occupations by physical training in educational institutions. In particular, the concept of reorganization of system of providing medical care in educational institutions will be developed. According to Ivan Vakarchuk, today at schools of the country there are no medical workers: the existing staff list assumes one position of the doctor on 2,5 thousand pupils and one position of the nurse - on 750 school students. Besides, "every tenth school has no sports hall, and 40% of operating sports halls don't meet the modern requirements. On board the decision to increase quantity of positions of medics at schools, higher education institutions and technical training colleges was made, and school students and students will oblige to pass annual medical examination.

According to the decision, it is entrusted to Ministry of Education to develop new safety rules during carrying out classes in physical culture, and also together with Ministry of Health, Academy of medical sciences and Academy of pedagogical sciences - to make "The instruction on definition of groups on a state of health" for such occupations. Control standards of training programs will be brought "into accord with age, individual regularities of formation and development of the child".

We will remind, on October 1 in Chernovtsy at a physical education class I died 12 - the summer schoolgirl, on October 3 in Zaporozhye - 15 - the summer teenager, on October 13 in Lutsk - 15 - the summer pupil of college, on November 4 in Kamyank - Bugskoy (The Lvov area) - the eleventh-grader. At meeting on November 5 the Cabinet cancelled the resolution of January 15, 1996 "About the state tests and standards of an assessment of physical preparation of the population of Ukraine" and recommended to reconsider an order of carrying out classes in physical preparation. The prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko suggested to enter classes in game sports instead of cross-countries. On the eve of meeting Ivan Vakarchuk declared that his department intends "to reconsider and replace real" school sports standards.


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