In 2008 of 9 inhabitants of the Nikolaev area noted 100 - summer anniversary

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On November 11 100 years were executed to Filipova Stepanida Emelyanovna, the inhabitant Pervomaisk. The chief of head department of work and social protection of the population of the Nikolaev regional state administration Olga Sivoplyas handed over юбилярше "memorable addresses" from the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Garkusha, flowers, gifts, and wished a good health.

Also flowers and gifts the secretary of city council L. Dromashko, the head of department of work and social protection of the population Pervomayskoy of city council O. Kolesnichenko, the deputy head of department concerning providing the social help T. Danelyuk congratulated the inhabitant of Pervomaisk. About it it is reported on a site Nikolaev YEAH.

Filipova Stepanida Emelyanovna was born in the village of Repairs of the Prichistinsky region of the Smolensk region. The woman has no education, from early age worked in collective farm "Red Communard" the general worker.

In 1930 she married Filipov Andrey Petrovich (1910 year of birth) who in December, 1941 was missing, protecting the Homeland from fascist aggressors.

Stepanida Emelyanovna has two daughters - Lesnitskaya Valentina Andreevna (1933 year of birth) and Vasilevskaya Nadezhda Andreevna (1937 year of birth) whom the woman brought up.

In days of the Great Patriotic War it with children was sent to Belarus. B1947 to year it returned to Ukraine.

In 1953 Stepanida Emelyanovna together with daughters moved to Pervomaisk where worked in state farm "May Day", from where retired.


As of 01.10.08 31 inhabitants to whom 100 years and more (from them 4 - men, 27 - women) were executed live in area.

State program of social protection of the veterans, approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine of 15.01.05 No. 42, are provided grants to persons of advanced years and veterans of war by which 100 and more years were executed.

The comprehensive program of social protection of people of advanced years, persons with limited physical capacities and persons who suffered as a result of Chernobyl accident, for 2006-2010 ("Care") at the expense of means of local budgets provided increase in the size of a grant to 100 UAH monthly.

For 2008 on these purposes 58,96 thousand UAH

are provided

Besides, in area the solemn congratulation of persons by which 100 years are executed will be organized. "Memorable addresses" from the President of Ukraine and the head of the regional state administration are handed over to each hero of the anniversary. In 2008 100 - the anniversary was celebrated by 9 people. Today three elderly people by which 100 years in the current year will be executed live in area.


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