Ecologists supported the wild nature. To an epatazhnost they were forced by irresponsibility and impunity of officials

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20 defenders of the nature threw feathers of the birds killed by poachers. The state committee of forestry of Ukraine, demands to protect the seaside woods from barbarous plunder. Such resolute protest activists of the National ecological center of Ukraine and public organizations of the Nikolaev area demanded the termination of destruction of unique landscapes of Nikolayevshchina and release from a position of the head of the Nikolaev regional management of forest and hunting economy Pyotr Palamaryuk.

According to ecologists, contrary to national interests of Ukraine, resolutions KMU, decisions the komitetskikh of hearings of the Verkhovna Rada and to decrees of the President, in particular "About creation of national park "Kinburnsky braid", now natural landscapes on the coast of the Black Sea spoil silvicultural activity. Tens of thousands of cubic meters of wood are illegally burned, the woods are cut down, natural steppe and sandy sites, pastures collapse.

"Deputies abuse the powers when business reaches environmental management questions, - Oleg Derkach, the chairman of Public council claims at the State administration of protection of surrounding environment in the Nikolaev area. - To poaching close eyes, or even protect violators, block work of regional landscape parks, press on mass media while the state continues to sustain huge losses! "

He is supported by employees of the Kiev institute of zoology of Shmalgauzen. "Laws of Ukraine on preservation of wildlife, such as the Law "About the Red List" and the Law "About Prirodno — Reserved Fund", have to work for the nation benefit, and the local government has to ensure their functioning.We can't suffer further a situation when hunters for the sake of entertainment kill disappearing birds! " - the director of institute, professor, the Dr.Sci.Biol., the corresponding member of NAN of Ukraine Igor Akimov speaks.

The public hopes that officials will rise in defense of the nature of Nikolayevshchini and will hear a position of the ecological organizations of activity of regional management on the nearest boards of the State committee of forestry and the Ministry of protection of surrounding environment of Ukraine following the results of which all will be made necessary for preservation of the last islands of the wild nature in Ukraine.

"In society the atmosphere of understanding of value and importance of the wild nature has to set in. - Especially, when it at us in the eyes disappears! " - Candidate of Biology, the member of council of the National ecological center of Ukraine, the head of the laboratory of ecosafety of NAU Yaroslav Movchan assures.


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