Bilozir honestly I admitted that "ETs" removed Yatsenyuk quicker to stir up elections

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The member of "The uniform center", the deputy Oksana Bilozir assures that in resignation of Arseniy Yatsenyuk from a position of the speaker there is no "hand" the president Victor Yushchenko, the head of his secretariat Victor Balogi.

"no", - she in interview "declared to Bee - Bee - Xi" on a question, whether there is in Yatsenyuk's resignation "hand" of the president.

"no", - laconically I answered Bilozir the same question concerning Balogi.

At the same time, she emphasized that those who voted for Yatsenyuk's response from a position of the speaker, only "satisfied the statement" that he wants to resign: "Today there was no resignation, today there were satisfactions of the statement of the head of BP".

"Today there was that crisis in the Ukrainian parliament which Arseny Petrovich Yatsenyuk" wanted to disguise the neutral and loyal policy became actually obvious, - told also Bilozir.

On the remark that the majority of WELL-NANOSECOND fraction didn't vote for Yatsenyuk's response whereas members of ETs voted, Bilozir told: "I am responsible for political force "The uniform center" which works today in a format "our Ukraine". If "our Ukraine" isn't ready to go today to electoral process, these are questions to it".

"ETs accurately professes today the legitimate right of Ukrainians to elect to itself parliament which will be capable. Today the parliament is incapacitated. In it there is no majority. Laws aren't adopted. Do they have today the moral right to blackmail the people, to take it for a ride only because ourselves not really want to become once again before the Ukrainian people and to obtain from it credibility? " - she added.

On a question, whether ETs is afraid that after positive vote for Yatsenyuk's resignation him will accuse that he actually creates the new coalition with Party of Regions, communists and Litvin's block, Bilozir answered:

"It is impossible. The coalition is created not by deputies in the quantitative representation, and fraction. That is it a priori is impossible. Therefore we are on the threshold of early elections. It was made by the president of Ukraine".

She also noted: "The head of BP is elected irrespective of coalition existence in parliament.The head of BP can be an electee, but the coalition in parliament in that format which you sounded, can't be created. The coalition "WELL - NANOSECOND", by BYuT, Litvin or BYuT and Regions can be created. If any of these coalitions is created, the parliament will work. If it isn't created, we are compelled to go on early parliamentary elections".

Bilozir emphasized that "the hand of the president" in parliamentary crisis isn't present. "The parliament created crisis, the parliament has to leave crisis. The president as the guarantor Konstitutsii sees the only option which is written accurately out in the Constitution and which it is obliged to execute is to issue the decree about early elections as any coalition already certain period of time in parliament it isn't created", - she told.


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