Documents acceptance on competition of a regional award of a name of Nikolay Arkas began. Winners will gain diplomas, breastplates and on 1215 UAH

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The committee on assignment of a regional award of a name of Nikolay Arkas declares documents acceptance on competition of a regional award of a name of Nikolay Arkas.

The regional award of a name of Nikolay Arkas is awarded for an outstanding contribution to development and enrichment of the Ukrainian national culture. The award which bears a name of the known Ukrainian historian, the composer and the public figure Nikolay Arkas, can be awarded both to certain cultural workers and arts, and to creative collectives. About it reports a press - service of the Nikolaev regional state administration.

The award is sentenced once for two years to birthday and to anniversaries of Nikolay Arkas.

The award is awarded in such directions:

- traditional national creativity and amateur performances (two awards);
- educational activity (two awards);
- professional art (two awards);
- historical, ethnographic, archaeological researches, protection of a cultural heritage (one award).

Promotion of candidates for competition of the Award is carried out in labor collectives, public organizations and their associations. Winners of awards of previous years don't move forward in candidates in the same direction. The group of authors of the work, nominated on Award competition, has to include no more than five people, and the group of performers - is no more than seven participants.

On competition of an award of a name of Nikolay Arkas candidates provide the following documents:

- the petition of labor collective, public organization for Award award;
- creative characteristic of the candidate for Award competition;
- extract from the protocol of meeting of labor collective, public organization,
on which the decision on promotion of the candidate for Award competition,
was madeapproved in accordance with the established procedure;
- the corresponding materials, including letters - supports, photocopies of responses in MASS MEDIA, publications, etc. which open achievement of the candidate;
- copies of the passport and identification number of the candidate.

Documents are filed ло on December 1, 2008.

To the persons, awarded a regional award of a name of Nikolay Arkas, are appropriated a rank of winners with delivery of the diploma, a breastplate and a reward of 1215 hryvnias.

In case the award is awarded to the collective, everyone is entitled the winner and the diploma, a breastplate, and the reward shares between them equally.

All materials on competition of a regional award of a name of Nikolay Arkas are sent to the address: 54001, Nikolaev, Sovetskaya St., 5th management of culture of the regional state administration. References behind phone: (80512) 47-38-62.


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