The inhabitant of Nikolaev in sausage found an aluminum wire

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We practically reconciled to that the food of 21 eyelids is modified and, generally consists of numerous additives, fillers, stabilizers, emulsifiers, etc. But producers went further and throw up to us absolutely inedible "additives". Sausage with a wire, bread with stubs, caramel with cellophane inside and it yet all list of the "souvenirs" which are coming across in food instead of stuffings. To you such products too met? And what were your actions? In a rage rush simply threw out in a garbage can? So usually all of us also arrive because we know that to defend the rights even if you know the law, very complex and long-term challenge. The first that we can undertake is immediately to return purchase to shop. Though in the presence of the check it isn't always possible and how to arrive if did shopping in shop which works without cash register?

Inhabitant Nikolaeva Valentina bought the Salami with Cheese sausage stick in such shop, but, having cut it, it became clear that cheese not the only stuffing. On a cut the aluminum bracket which jam from both parties the ends of the same sausage began to shine. Unpleasantly certainly, appetite and mood disappeared at once, but she didn't begin to throw out at once purchase, and addressed in the Nikolaev regional Management for protection of the rights of consumers. The specialist of management listened to the complaint, but undertook nothing. Politely I advised or to give sausage back to shop and to return money, or to change for other similar goods.Instead of taking any measures concerning the dishonourable businessman, the employee of Management began to calm the woman that anything terrible in it isn't present: "You will think a wire slice, for the rest after all sausage quite edible. Not all party such, and so it turned out, with only one stick of sausage". (Here and all help of Management with protection of the rights of the consumer).

"Victim" in the presence of the expert tried to receive explanations from the producer - having called according to number specified on a label of ill-fated sausage. The call was answered by the woman (refused during conversation it to be presented), which in embarrassment and scaredly I assured that this simply unpleasant misunderstanding, before anything similar at them didn't happen. And it is natural, in shop all sanitary standards are observed, workers regularly pass medical examination, have sanitary books, and the enterprise is checked санэпидемслужбами. The shop on production of sausage products is in Nikolaev, it delivers production to regions of area and, most likely, business owners who buy from them goods, allegedly make a substandard product under their brand. And in completion of conversation it noted that everything that it is possible to make in this situation, it to hand over sausage back in shop and to return money. The representative of the producer also reported that the automatic equipment with which the shop is equipped, accurately works according to the set programs.

But after all this equipment the person operates. And from the person, quality of products depends on his accuracy, cleanliness and responsibility. Valentina accepted apologies from the business owner and arrived as to her and advised. Sausage I gave to shop money to it, returned, and it didn't begin to insist on visit of this enterprise that most to be convinced of justice of words of his representative.

And after all it isn't 17-ти hryvnias for which it was bought, and not in compensation of material damage, and that about this bracket, it was at least possible to break tooth, besides, it the child could swallow and choke. Consequences could be much more serious, than the spoiled mood and gift the spent money. And in reply - only apologies …


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