In RTPP discussed as there "will live" business in the conditions of an economic crisis

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Only according to official statistics, in Ukraine the third month there is a falling of industrial outputs, and in October falling reached already 19,8%. Thus falling is recorded in 10 of 12 key branches of the Ukrainian industry. Results of November will be much more the worst as many enterprises, especially metallurgical, since November 1 froze or sharply reduced production, - the president Nikolayevskoy торгово - industrial chamber Sergey Vlasenko noted, opening a round table "Business in the conditions of crisis".
All participants of a round table agreed that the first half of 2009 will be the heaviest for business, and completely to be restored the region and Ukraine economy as a whole can not earlier than 2010. Production falling, and reduction of workplaces following it and falling of consumer ability will inevitably sharply reduce the income of budgets of all levels. Taking into account it, the Nikolaev business and local government needs to undertake urgently the actions directed on minimization of losses from crisis.
Representatives of banks Sergey Kostev (OTR Bank, see in more detail "It is necessary to react quickly") and Angela Sabirova (INDEKS Bank) paid attention that the enterprises and banks need to change system of relationship. Answering questions of businessmen, bankers emphasized that banks are ready to grant the loans and to move towards the steady enterprises. However, Angela Sabirova noted that return of the credits for a mortgage is possible only after stabilization of the price on square meter of housing. During too time, the deputy of the Nikolaev City Council Valery Artemenko heading one of the construction organizations of the city, it is sure that irrevocably mortgages it is impossible to overcome crisis in construction sector.
Not all participants of a round table believe that local budgets will be capable to act as big customers of construction (such measure is actively discussed today). For example, the deputy of the Nikolaev City Council Alexander Zholobetsky considers as more real urgent cancellation of requirements to builders about payment of 5% of a standard assessment of the land plot and allocation of 5% of living space for people on the waiting list. Alexander Diordiyev, the director "SLS consulting group pays attention to danger of "dropping" the land plots and other city property at very low prices under the pretext of anti-recessionary actions (see in more detail "Crisis will lead to structurization... ").
Examples of decisions of the power creating a nutrient medium of corruption and anti-competitive actions were given by Oleg Abramov, the chairman of the Nikolaev organization of the Union of appraisers of Ukraine. We will tell, new requirements to calculation of a payment for the earth create for some sites in 400-multiple "fork" at a rate of payments. The majority of participants agreed that a number of the markets connected with construction: lands, real estate, building materials, were overheated also return to the recent extent of profitability you shouldn't expect even after crisis.
The combination of corruption and losses from crisis can push part of businessmen to transition to payments of salaries in envelopes and business withdrawal in a shadow, the chairman of the Nikolaev regional labor union of MSB Elena Gerasimchuk (in more detail - here) noted. She is convinced that for reduction of losses of the budget and preservation of workplaces, the city authorities have to be interested in granting to small business of all possible support during crisis. At least, it is necessary to organize training for businessmen with an experience and those whom crisis will just now push out in small business.
Support of business is necessary also for the reason that at the first signs of revival of economy local producers should sustain an impact of import goods, Vladimir Evseev, the director of Agency of perspective financial technologies noted. He considers that thanks to the serious help of the states, foreign business leaves crisis earlier and will be able to seize the Ukrainian markets. However, the Nikolaev businessmen and need to be more active in development and implementation of own anti-recessionary programs (see in more detail "The simplest exit... ").
Speech of the director of PTF "Velam" Vadim Belov confirmed that the companies which were actively working over increase of the competitiveness, are ready today to preservation of the positions in the market, or, at least, minimization of losses (see "Velam is ready to competition toughening").
But in the next half a year the quantity of the return examples will sharply increase: bankruptcies, non-returns of the credits and withdrawals of mortgage property. The director юрфирмы "Edvays - консульт" Alexey Kochubey told participants about features of work of collection firms. By the way, we are ready to resort to services of professional collectors of debts and suppliers of utilities. The manager of chair of economy It is southern - Slavic institute of the Kiev Slavistochiyesky university of Valentin Minin paid attention gathered that taking measures to acceleration of procedures of bankruptcy is necessary, for realization of mortgage property, etc. Also it reminded that from - for decrease дозходов the population many students who are training on a paid basis, will be compelled to interrupt training and leave and without that an intense labor market.
The result of discussion was summed up by Georgy Lyaskovsky, the chairman of the organization of employers "Industrialists and businessmen of Nikolaev", the member of executive committee of Nikolayevskog of the City Council and the deputy chief of head department of economy of the regional state administration Lyudmila Malyarchuk. The local government at all levels needs to look for means not only for preservation of level of social guarantees, but also supports of the enterprises for the purpose of prevention of reduction of workplaces and falling of receipts in the budget. Georgy Lyaskovsky, in particular, suggested to reduce a press of checks by the abotayushchy enterprises. Lyudmila Malyarchuk reminded that at the city power opportunities to influence a situation starting with numerous regulatory acts and before correction of the sizes of local taxes are considerably increased today.

"Today a lot of things depend on professionalism and organization on places", she emphasized. - "Regions leave crisis with very different potential".
In summary the president of RTPP of the Nikolaev area Sergey Vlasenko informed gathered on five activities торгово - industrial chamber which will develop now the accelerated rates for the purpose of minimization of losses of local budgets and business during crisis.

Participants of a round table in regional торгово - industrial chamber of the Nikolaev area "Business in the conditions of crisis: survival and overcoming ways":

1. Page.Vlasenko, president of RTPP of the Nikolaev area, 2. L.Malyarchuk, deputy chief of head department of economy YEAH, 3. E.Gersimchuk, chairman of regional labor union of MSB, 4. G. Lyaskovsky, chairman of OO "Industrialists and Businessmen of Nikolaev", member of executive committee of Nikolayevskog of the City Council, 5. S. Kostev, managing director of NF "OTR Bank", 6. V. Belov, director of PTF "Velam", 7. A.Zholobetsky, deputy of the Nikolaev City Council, 8. V. Artemenko, deputy of the Nikolaev City Council, 9. V. Evseev, director of Agency of perspective financial technologies, 10. A.Sabirova, representative of ND "INDEKS — Bank", 11. E.Mamonova, managing director of NF "Sebbank", 12. V. Minina, зав.кафедры finance and YuUI KSU economy, 13. A. Kochubey, the director юрфирмы "Edvays - консульт", 14. O. Abramov, chairman of the Nikolaev organization of the Union of appraisers of Ukraine, 15. A.Diordiyev, director of JSC SLS Consulting Group.


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