At drivers won't check an insurance

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From now on employees of the State traffic inspectorate won't start fining car owners for absence of the policy of obligatory insurance гражданско - legal responsibility. By new edition of the law on traffic safety it isn't provided that their existence has to be controlled, The Kommersant — Ukraine newspaper writes. As notes the edition, an insurance will check only during checkup passing, during the crossing of frontier and drawing up protocols on road accident. Such situation, according to insurers, will lead to falling of the market of car insurance.

Yesterday the law number 586-VI "About modification of some acts concerning improvement of regulation of the relations in the sphere of safety of traffic" came into force. According to the document, operation of vehicles without policy of obligatory insurance гражданско - legal responsibility (OSGPO) is officially forbidden, and for its absence the penalty at a rate of 25-50 not taxable minima of the income of citizens (425-850 hryvnias) is imposed.

Still the size of a penalty made from 0,5 to 1 minimum (8,5-17 hryvnias). Article 21 of the law "About Obligatory Insurance Grazhdansko — Legal Responsibility of Owners of Land Vehicles" is changed also. Earlier employees of the State traffic inspectorate have to control policy existence during car operation on the road. Now the law obliges to check GAI OSGPO existence only during carrying out the state technical inspection, by drawing up protocols on violations of the rules of traffic and registration of materials on road accident. When crossing border, as before, existence at the car owner of the policy of OSGPO will be checked by the Public border service.

According to Motor (transport) insurance bureau, in Ukraine about 11 million cars are registered, from them about 35% are insured. In nine months of the current year insurers sold 4,537 million policies for the sum of 844,849 million hryvnias (the average price of 186 hryvnias), compensated - 314,046 million hryvnias.

Insurers explain withdrawal of point on obligatory verifications of policies by excessive load of staff of GAI. "Won't stop the car due to the lack of a sticker on a windshield though lack of an insurance can cause the same sanctions, as well as absence of the rights or the registration certificate, - speaks vice-the president of SK of "Ask" Elena Masharo. - It is reasoned by that the militia has no resources that to stop all. If one driver violates traffic regulations, and another has no sticker whom to stop? Certainly, it would be good if inspectors of GAI watched policy existence, but insurers agree even to such edition of the law because now in general nobody checks policies".

"In Yury Lutsenko's decree there was this point, but in its law it didn't appear. The penalty can be written out in the absence of documents, including the policy, but GAI have the right to stop the car employees only at traffic violation of the rules", - the head of one of insurers notes. On November 29, 2007 the Acting Interior Minister Mikhail Korniyenko approved the order number 451 with which obliged the staff of GAI which is under control to the head of the department of GAI of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to Sergey Kolomiytsu, during supervision over traffic to control existence at drivers of policies of OSGPO and insurance certificates "Green card". Staff of GAI had to stop cars on which there is no logogram about existence of the insurance policy.

As notes "the Kommersant - Ukraine", participants of the market hoped for fixing of obligatory checks of OSGPO as, according to their informal forecasts, in 2009 in connection with financial crisis volumes of awards will decrease on a third. "Through three - four months of 60% of classical insurance companies will be on the verge of bankruptcy. By the end of 2010 in the OSGPO market there will be 15 companies, - the chairman of the supervisory board of NASK "Oranta" Oleg Spilka speaks. - I constrain the colleagues who already now want to raise OSGPO tariffs. It has to occur not earlier than 2010.It is impossible to carry out revision while this type of insurance won't earn full-scale as we again will frighten clients and, besides, political speculation" will begin.


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