Nikolaev YEAH turned into the Anti-recessionary staff

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Ukraine was included in crisis even earlier, than the developed countries, but now you shouldn't understand who in it is guilty. Such point of view was stated today, on November 18, on record of a telebriefing by the head of the regional state administration Alexey Garkusha.

Today the coordinated work of all branches of the power is necessary. And not casually refused or removed snap elections in parliament as it is obvious not at the right time. And if the power thinks of the people, about economy, at first it is necessary to extinguish a hut, and already then to understand, - the governor told.

The head of the regional state administration estimates a present situation as disturbing, as, in his opinion, the IMF would have to give to Ukraine (by economic calculations) the credit of 2 billion dollars, however 16 billion

were offered

The main thing - not so much we asked, how many declared that to us are ready to give out such sum. We hear about different options of use of this money. Someone says that it will be a reserve which to us heart will amuse. Others say that it will be directed on support of the basic enterprises, someone speaks about support to hryvnia. Forgive, but same concrete money, and the specific program on their use is necessary, and someone has to be responsible for this money. It most of all disturbs because in crisis situations it is impossible to resolve a recovery from the crisis issue by assumptions, - A.Garkusha considers.

According to the governor, the regional power too isn't idle: the order of the head of the regional state administration about carrying out the analysis of state of the economy of area and estimation of possibility of reduction of allocations for those items of expenditure which can be reduced is prepared, and also already now there is a work on the regional budget - 2009 taking into account crisis.

Though now still early to say about that the Nikolaev area most of all suffers from crisis, - the first place of Nikolayevshchina in a rating among regions of Ukraine following the results of 9 months to that the certificate, all indicators as a whole grew.

The governor, probably, doesn't test dizziness and continues to speak about important for area activity questions - stable entry into winter, control of the prices by market methods ( saturation by necessary goods in enough) and possible leveling of those negative processes which are observed today in the state.

For example, there is no information at A.Garkusha that at the enterprises mass reduction of workers begins. Though crisis, certainly, concerned Nikolayevshchina. According to the governor, consumers of production of GP NPKG "Dawn — Mashproyekt" already "state doubts", and customers of production of shipbuilding plants, being afraid of risks, warn producers that they won't be able to pay at a certain speed for production.

But it is necessary to consider that for crisis such phenomena which are best of all reflected in a national saying "Someone are characteristic also cries, and someone skips". Someone, having used crisis, tries to lower social standards - to reduce people. And in this plan all public institutions which, anyway, are responsible for social protection of the population, have the finger on the pulse not to allow total reduction of workers, - A.Garkusha told.

Though, the governor notes, authorities on places have no opportunities to constrain crisis while "the higher authority blurred as kissel on a plate, and the Verkhovna Rada stays idle".

"Rules of the game - for example, in soccer - thought up in England, and play this game worldwide. As well in this case: rules of the game are established in Kiev where BP adopts laws. Even if laws are imperfect, authorities on a place are compelled to observe them", - A.Garkusha speaks.

As it became clear, don't intend to create in the regional state administration the working group on development of the regional Anti-recessionary program.

- To calm the public, we can tell that we have now not regional state administration, and the Anti-recessionary staff. Unless from it it will be easier for someone? There are people who are responsible today for these or those areas of work. Create the Anti-recessionary staff or don't create and if the foliage fell, she should be cleaned - though a staff, though executive committee. It is necessary to do concrete things. The power has to carry out obligatory things, and then crisis won't be, - the governor considers.


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