"The situation on "ChSZ" isn't connected with crisis" - the governor

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Situation at shipbuilding plants of Nikolaev asked to comment on the head of the regional state administration Alexey Garkushu at the telebriefing which has taken place on November 18.

According to the governor, that occurs today on "ChSZ", wasn't predicted at all earlier - dynamics and steps taken by the enterprise management gave to hope that "everything will be good". However it didn't occur, and in the last month things unclear" are observed ", the governor told.

Work by orders is almost stopped, the number of the working is reduced. Today 105 people - on holiday without salary preservation, 1616 people are transferred to a mode of incomplete working week. It not that dynamics though increase in production is increased by 9,8 times - in comparison with the enterprise not working in last year. And the main thing - anybody, even the plant management on a place, doesn't own a situation that will be farther. And for November 14 there was a debt on a salary more than 400 thousand UAH. It disturbs, - A.Garkusha told.

The governor noted that the additional contract to the contract of purchase and sale of GAHK "ChSZ" (it is on completion in FGIU), in which, according to the regional state administration offer, building of outputs, increase in an average monthly salary to level of average monthly area on the industries, preservation of workplaces, timely payments in the budget, PFU and social insurance Funds has to be registered isn't signed for today. But, as the head of the regional state administration hopes, political crisis will come to the end, and this "the subjective question" with "ChSZ" will be unblocked.

On GP "Shipbuilding Plant of 61 Communards" situation approximately same. "Till yesterday there was a debt on a salary of 2 million - it was liquidated yesterday. But it was the administrative pressure, instead of good will or observance of requirements of the legislation", - A.Garkusha told.


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