As will sell the Nikolaev airport, it is still not clear

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Work on KP corporatisation "The international airport "Nikolaev" is almost complete, but the issue of till today isn't resolved, how it will be on sale - with loading (i.e. subsidiary farm and recreation facility in Rybakovke) or as independent object. The head of the regional state administration Alexey Garkusha told about it at a telebriefing on November 18.

Surprises that some investors who come, begin conversation approximately so:

"We would like to take part in auction, the main thing that the airport was on sale together with subsidiary farm and recreation facility". It is inexpedient. If someone wants to buy subsidiary farm or recreation facility, it quite another matter, - the governor told.

Alexey Garkusha scarified interest of investors both to recreation facility, and to subsidiary farm. The pier, recreation facilities any isn't present - there are old shabby lodges 30-ти, and even 40 - summer age, i.e. everything it is possible to call it base conditionally. Subsidiary farm - the same: these are 39 hectares of the earth protected with a concrete fence, and behind a fence anything isn't present - all structures are destroyed. "Interested" subsidiary farm it is necessary to consider and that in a case with subsidiary farm the earth isn't privatized, and to grow up something on this earth it is very problematic is the former runway of the old airport which fertility is very doubtful.

The enterprise - the airport - is not in the best state: the present management couldn't "tighten" enterprise economy. For today the debt on a salary exceeded 1,2 million UAH therefore on session of regional council which will take place on November 21, the question of the financial help to the airport at the expense of means of the regional budget will be taken out - people can't be hostages of the dull management, - the governor told.


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