Meeting of the Nikolaev labor unions took place without excesses

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Today, on November 18, in Nikolaev on Lenin Square there took place peace demonstration in which representatives of all branch labor unions of the Nikolaev area took part.

Similar actions practically were at the same time held in all regional centers of Ukraine. This action the trade-union organizations declared start of the All-Ukrainian precautionary action in protection of the rights and interests of workers.

In Nikolaev in this action took part a large number of people. They held in hand flags of "Federation of labor unions of Ukraine" and banners with slogans.

Representatives of labor unions spoke about need not to allow rise in prices for gas, tariffs for housing and transport.

"Any increase of tariffs has to be reasonable. People have to know, on what there are means from increase of tariffs", - declared the acting.

On meeting the decision was made will address to the government with the requirement to take measures that in the budget the next year funds for housing and communal services were provided. Also appeals to the government and the Verkhovna Rada sounded to establish the moratorium on rise in prices.

Remembered during this action and the head of the Nikolaev regional council of labor unions M. Sapozhnikova. In particular, the question that practically all building облсовпрома is leased was raised.

"Such head has to leave and give way to heads who will be able to correct business on protection of the rights of workers", - V. Fisun declared.

At this time among gathered it was possible to hear words of discontent with work of M. Sapozhnikova which not that didn't come today to Lenin Square, but also in Sunday I was afraid to leave the building of regional trade council.

I. Quickly, the employee of Shipbuilding plant of 61 Communards, also paid attention that the regional council of labor unions in any way doesn't protect the right of workers. "From regional council of labor unions the demand neither to the President, nor to the Prime minister - миристру, even to the regional state administration isn't made any. Thousands of our compatriots work with the abroad. Really we can't create enough of workplaces at us in the homeland? ", - I. Boyko declared.

I underwent criticism and the new draft of the Code of laws on work which here - the Verkhovna Rada here has to accept. According to gathered if this law is adopted, employers will turn into slaveholders. For example, they will acquire the right to enter the 10-hour working day, to cancel days off and to dismiss the reasons subordinated without the explanation.

As a result of discussion participants of the action adopted the resolution in which the following requirements were allocated: to unite all trade-union structures of Ukraine in uniform and influential association of labor unions which has to become the powerful force of the Ukrainian society with own and effective social position; to create uniform Fund of trade-union property and to transfer it to management property and means of labor unions which have to work for each member of labor union. For this purpose it is necessary to make the unified electronic register of all members of labor unions and on each registered member of labor union to issue an electronic card of the shareholder of Fund; to return to labor unions of management of social insurance funds, and to leave to the state the right of control of this activity; to assign to labor unions the right of a legislative initiative in parliament that considerably intensifies participation of labor unions in legislative process and will accelerate adoption of fundamental acts for labor unions; to found the Strike fund of labor unions and Fund of protection of trade-union leaders that will give opportunity to labor unions to apply rigid forms of influence on the power; to introduce the target social programs directed on improvement of working conditions and life of workers in life; to achieve the maximum presence of labor unions at national information space of Ukraine that considerably will strengthen influence of labor unions on the Ukrainian society through the central and regional mass media.

It should be noted that yesterday the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko declared that all premises of Federation of independent labor unions will be is under the strengthened protection of police officers. It won't be probable in Nikolaev need for it as participants of meeting declared that will work only within the legislation.


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