In Nikolaev there will be a new skating rink!

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And with it to the Nikolaev hockey players and all fans of winter sports can help … State program of development of hockey in Ukraine. In its framework this year the skating rink in Donetsk opened, and new ice arenas in Kherson, Kalushe and Kharkov until the end of the year will open. And next year, in compliance with the Program, new skating rinks have to be constructed in 12 cities of Ukraine including in Nikolaev, the president of regional federation of ice hockey, the deputy of the City Council Igor Bolotov reported. However, it were not the latest joyful news about which the main hockey player of area told.

For the Nikolaev hockey date in own way becomes on October 31, 2008 a holiday. This day at meeting of the General Congress of Federation of hockey of Ukraine the Nikolaev regional federation of ice hockey became the full member of Federation.

Nikolayevtsa - the president of regional federation of ice hockey, the deputy of the City Council Igor Bolotov, the executive director of regional federation Vladimir Stoyanov and vice-the president of regional federation Dmitry Omelchenko - apprehended news, as well as it befits real men, but in soul exulted: the Nikolaev hockey came to the next round of development.

Besides, for today under the auspices of the Nikolaev regional federation of ice hockey on an ice field of our skating rink since September passes the Cup of the Black Sea tournament which will come to the end by Day of liberation of Nikolaev from German - fascist aggressors.

6 "southern" teams take part in tournament: HK "Katran" and "Solar Valley-2" from Odessa, HK "Dnepr" (Kherson), HK "Legion" (a national team of the Crimea), and also two Nikolaev teams - MHK "Nikolaev" and "Orion". And judge game of hockey players - amator Vladimir Klimenko (chief judge), Alexander Bukatin (judge) and Vladimir Stoyanov (the judge, the judge - the informant, the executive secretary of competitions).

- The impetus to hockey development in Nikolaev, undoubtedly, was given by emergence in our city of a skating rink, - Vladimir Stoyanov speaks. - Let it also be not really adapted for this purpose, but, for example, at inhabitants of Odessa the situation is even worse therefore they with pleasure play at us. We are on friendly terms long ago and with hersonets who too at us play, was tightened to us and the Crimea.

Generally, gradually Nikolaev becomes better known on "the hockey card" Ukraine - MHK "Nikolaev" start inviting already to other cities for participation in hockey tournaments. According to I.Bolotov, the contribution in it brought both the mayor Vladimir Chaika, and deputies of city council who promote hockey development in our warm southern city. But main "responsible" for such popularity is nikolayevets who play hockey and which don't feel sorry for forces and means for development of this "game of real men".

And though in the present amatorsky hockey championship of Ukraine Nikolaev isn't presented, on the MHK "Nikolaev" following tournament will surely be declared, I.Bolotov speaks.

However, there is one more necessary condition for participation in hockey tournaments - MHK "Nikolaev" professional level increase. And it is impossible without inflow for "fresh blood". Now the age of hockey players fluctuates from 25-ти to 50-ти years - team difficult to compete with youth though ours undoubtedly have an experience.

And the Nikolaev ice-hockey teams can brag of "internationality": MHK "Nikolaev" are played by Canadian Brian Lyuty whom the destiny tied to Nikolaev, and in "Orion" - Czech Jan Mimra. But the youth is all the same necessary, Igor Bolotov and Vladimir Stoyanov speak.

- After opening of the state skating rink we surely will have DYuSSh on hockey - without it the Nikolaev hockey will have no future. After all the hockey player should be raised from 5 years, every year to declare the next set in hockey sport school, and in about 8 years there will be the first result. It is important, after all at least for 15 years the Ukrainian hockey lagged behind - after Union disorder this sport didn't develop, - I.Bolotov speaks.

The example of Kherson when in 7 years after skating rink opening young hockey players are demanded and in Russia, and even in Canada is indicative. Though, apparently, in these countries to winter sports to what hockey concerns also, pay due attention. But Kherson it is absolutely close from Nikolaev, so, quite really to embody its experience of education of young hockey players under our conditions. The main thing that prevented a new skating rink to appear nothing in Nikolaev.


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