Art of treachery or Kinovalyukiad

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"We called in Administration of the President of Medvedev and asked: show on television of materials about atrocities of Georgia in Ossetia more! It is very necessary for us!... "

About such wishes the known figure of Communist party of Ukraine, the People's Deputy of Ukraine of the previous convocations told to the correspondent of "Regional committee" several weeks ago. "the faithful Leninist" not for nothing got excited: at that moment "early parliamentary elections in December" seemed quite real, and communists counted that the "Ossetian" subject becomes quite fertile field for their traditional pre-election speculation.

It is hard to say, whether increased on the Russian TV of materials about "atrocities of Georgia" in South Ossetia after such here requests of "the Ukrainian companions". Rather regular viewing of news of "First" and RTR allows to claim that isn't present. Certainly, anybody Russian television геббельсам didn't forbid the anti-Georgian subject, even opposite. But here as for "atrocities", "genocide of the Ossetian people", "thousands of killed peace the Ossetian" - this good in an air of the Russian Federation became, apparently, less. At least, брехун from the Russian General Staff by the name of Nogovitsyn who wasn't leaving information front line during the whole August, - not so frequent guest on blue screens of Russians. Because for the broadcasting time released to it the general намолол is so much nonsense and frank lie, so many time was punctured (see. for example, the Dead duck of the general Nogovitsyn) that in a peace time, probably, decided to replace it with more professionally lying teleworkers.

Didn't become in air and reportings of Zvezda TV channel on PZRK marked by "Ukrainian" though any normal person could read that marking is executed in the Serbian language (the wishing can reconsider this "netlenka" of the Russian agitprop HERE). Though the Russian television not really - that also is designed for normal people. And not only television. That costed by a legend of Komsomolskaya Pravda of the mercenary from the Udmurt village who "alone held three hours a column of the Georgian tanks".

However, at the Kremlin propagandists and without "Ukraine - Georgian" perspectives will be, than to please the ukrainofobstvuyushchy population. Here to you and actual reportings on fights in the Verkhovna Rada, and thematic "peredachka".For example, "cinema" of RTR about 300 - the anniversary of the Poltava fight - its display caused the angry rebuff of the Poltava authorities. Or shown to the same RTR a week ago (on November 11) the movie about the Holodomor to which preparation as his founders specify, such kleymeny propagandists as нардеп from KPU It is blue and "the underwater officer" Volga were put.

But all this production Kremlin "factories of dreams" grows dim before "furor" which made a pathetic propaganda roller with the "ciphered" name "War 08.08.08. Treachery art". And the speech, certainly, not about "advantages" of this hack-work estimate which any Internet user (for example, HERE) can. No, everything is worked in the "best" traditions сталинско - Putin agitprop and from the point of view of "art" comments doesn't need. And here from the point of view of the actual - comments obviously are required.

Because material for this purpose "Treachery art" gives more than enough, and to expose "facts" given in it it is possible frame by frame, with application "stop - a shot", rewind back/forward, etc. - in a word, approximately the same as Savik Shuster sorted Champions League matches. But, alas, last Friday already in Savik's other program about this movie spoke, including, and nonsenses (that there is a story of the well-known secretary of the Donetsk City Council Levchenko how any Ossetian rebel told it about "the sniper with the Ukrainian passport"). And here it is necessary to recognize that sillier thing, than will lock even limited display of this "movie", our authorities and true to them couldn't think up SBU. Because the scandal provoked by them created the smart soil for conjectures it seems: "I didn't see the movie, but time of SBU forbade, so there something is".

Meanwhile, display of "Treachery history" with the adequate comment of "facts" stated in it precisely wouldn't do any harm of "defense capability" or foreign policy of our country, even opposite.

If transfer of this sort appears - on air of the Ukrainian television, two characters by all means have to take part in it. In - the first, it is Yulia Latynina who published today the next investigation "200 km of tanks. About российско - the Georgian war". Well, and the second participant Valery Konovalyuk is simply obliged to become strenuously untwisting mentioned "Treachery history" нардеп from Party of Regions.

About this "producer" the speech in our article also will go.Yesterday Valery Ilyich gave vast interview in which declares that "nobody has the right to deprive the truth people". It means the movie mentioned above by "truth". Well, if Valery Ilyich really trusts in this film version of August events - that a penny to him the price and as to the former officer and as to the politician, - and it is simple as to the person possessing ability to judgment and the analysis.

If doesn't trust (and, most likely, indeed because the g - N Konovalyuk isn't similar to "the television victim", all "truth" taking in all good faith which to it show in advertizing teleplots), but nevertheless continues to draw on "realism" of this cheap film popular print, - that and it it, to put it mildly, doesn't paint.

But also in this interview Valery Ilyich constantly slides off on a subject which is most expensive to it on light - about itself. And here pathos of - on Konovalyuk gets impetuous forms. For example we (quote):

"My position as policy of all 12 years rather honest, open and basic. If someone me, we tell so, doesn't know, that, probably, these people have similar thoughts and arise".

"You know, courage and will all this will suffice me to finish. Question in other - in an assessment of activity of the power for 4 years. I can't as politician and as the citizen, it is quiet to watch all this".

"You know, I in the past - the officer. It is quite difficult to frighten me of something. In the same way difficult with me to agree about something if it is a question of the state national interests".

"I think that my reputation has enough that they understood that to agree in this plan with me it is simply useless".

Staff of "Regional committee" doesn't belong to that happy category of mankind which can is proud of that "12 years don't know", who such Valery Konovalyuk. We more than once shared with our readers the impressions about this figure. He and at the beginning of the political career behaved in a queer way in style of the glamourous boor (see. Part the gangster, part Don, and as a whole, generally - that …), confident in the impunity; I gave a reason to convict itself of the raised narcissism, see later.We could serve in investigation, we could play at cinema … And still - who could think two years ago that "film figure" Valery Ilyich will correspond to the heading so fully thought-up by us!

However, the g - N Konovalyuk in a bigger measure can apply for a rank of the film producer, than for the person corresponding, thought up it, reputations - "honest and courageous". On "an extent of 4 years" he really "not could observe quietly". He simply vulgarly and unworthy fussed.

After all when in 1998 32 - the summer native of Donetsk Valery Konovalyuk came to the Verkhovna Rada of the III convocation, about it quickly (let and not first of all) started talking as about the perspective politician of "a new wave". However, Konovalyuk increased "charisma" gradually: from convocation to convocation, from fraction to fraction ("Labour Ukraine" - "Regions of Ukraine" - "For Uniform Ukraine" - Party of Regions). Without cease, V. Konovalyuk on "worked is white - blue" a field, in 2004 was the authorized representative of the candidate for president Victor Fedorovich. But - I didn't feel that the party appreciates it on advantage. And Yanukovych lost, in air began to smell, type, repressions - and here at Valery Ilyich the tempting party option …

turned up

About circumstances of leaving of Konovalyuk to "Labour Ukraine" "Regional committee" was told нардеп from PR by Taras Chornovil:

"After the second round of presidential election Yanukovych suggested me to become the head of a staff. It seems to me that it then caused in couple of people feeling of jealousy, including, probably, and in Konovalyuk who said that is dissatisfied with it. But at that time it still remained in Party of Regions, though didn't take so active part in election campaign. It left in 2005. Then there was absolutely unexpected history for all. He addressed to someone from a press - services of Party of Regions: help me to organize a press - conference in the UNIAN. All began to ask again: and for what (anybody knew nothing)? He told: look. It seems, then anybody and didn't help it, he organized everything. And we whereas time sat in "Star", there was any meeting - and here to us bring information that it on a press - conferences slung mud at all, told, what PR the dull party, what dull leader at it, and that he creates absolutely new project".

In this case with Taras Chornovil you won't argue.Only "the orange princess" beckoned Valera a finger, having offered it a position of the adviser (all - that navsy! ! ) as that at once declared that for "Yulia Timoshenko and "Regions of Ukraine" have identical views on many things". Clear business, there was only a February, 2005, and Valery Ilyich at all didn't suspect that it has "courage and will" to give "an assessment of activity of the power for 4 years". And on Yanukovych and party he really managed to pour out not one tub of dirt. Party leadership and fractions it then estimated as hopelessly backward, "defiant bewilderment and disappointment", and "Leader" called the utopian.

Having waved with Victor Fedorovich with the handle, Konovalyuk was let in "free" swimming, having replaced on a post of the chairman of "Labour Ukraine" one more elegant politician - Sergey Tigipko. That was farther - it is well known. Soon enough young "labourist" had a conflict to other party authority - Vladimir Sivkovich. As a result inner-party wars began: part of Party members elected the party leader of Sivkovich though - Jure Valery Ilyich remained chairman of the party. Konovalyuk with Sivkovich (though one headed Federation of judo of Donetsk region, and another - national federation) serially expelled each other from party. As a result at parliamentary elections of 2006 "Labour Ukraine" gained pathetic 0,09%. Generally, "labourist" didn't leave Konovalyuk. It was necessary to train for a new profession back in "regionals".

"Its return happened as - that unexpectedly, - Chornovil remembers. - It began to come on any separate actions in "Star", its steel often to see on Lipskaya. Certainly, return it then couldn't - too serious the challenge was thrown down, insults were too serious. Plus in the Party of Regions to it there was very serious opposition: Sivkovich was indignant with everything with that Konovalyuk did. I think that someone "conducted" serious it …".

"This decision was made by presidium of political council of party (which then I was less on quantitative structure, than now), - one of members of political council of Party of Regions speaks. - It is connected by that Yanukovych - very kind person and is capable to accept back even strongly nashkodivshy to it the person. Valery Ilyich at one time had a serious conflict to Raisa Bogatyreva: leader ambitions faced. In general, in the relations with old Party members Konovalyuk still had serious roughnesses.And with relative beginners of the relation at it it is better".

For the time being Valery Ilyich behaved very silently. But I went to Bogatyrev's National Security and Defense Council, it isn't enough - to a grinding began to decrease and influence of "old guard", neophytes got stronger - and Konovalyuk began to move on an inner-party career ladder upward. It is curious that Valery Ilyich was entered into presidium of Party of Regions (on September 24 this year) at the same time with Yury Boyko's appointment as the deputy leader of the party and the head of the Kiev regional party organization …

However Konovalyuk's wonderful transformation happened even earlier - to appointment as his head of parliamentary temporary commission of inquiry on studying of legality of arms supplies - first of all, in a context Georgian - российско - the South Ossetia conflict.

Generally, you see, "the officer in the past". And nowadays - the figure of the Russian cinema who is in passing merging the state secrets in order that children of the whole world could sleep, without being afraid of Georgian "soldiery" and the Ukrainian weapon. The fighter for the peace sky - with the Kremlin star in a zenith.

In a word - "treachery art".


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