UNA - UNSO intends to file a lawsuit on Kremlin "выкормыша" Valera Konvalyuk

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UNA organization - War 08.08.08 expressed to UNSO indignation of the Russian movie ". Treachery art" and already I addressed in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine and SBU, and also is going to file a lawsuit against "foreign provokers and local vykormyshy".

It declared UNA management - UNSO in time a press - conferences today, on November 20, in Kiev.

"We don't want to watch how us try to defame for the sake of someone's public relations passively. The public offense is caused us and we won't leave it without answer", - is told in UNA statement - UNSO.

As the head of the UNA Kiev organization - UNSO Igor Masur reported, in the movie it is a question that representatives of UNA - UNSO actively took part in armed conflict in Georgia, and also once again Ukraine is accused of illegal arms supplies to the Georgian party.

According to Masur, this movie is a pure forgery. He reasoned it that the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation had to declare surely participation of representatives of UNA - UNSO in the conflict in the Caucasus that didn't occur. "Neither the SBU, nor Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation didn't declare our participation", - Masur told.

"However, in difference from those who shoots false movies abroad, and those who advances them here, in Ukraine, we will act in a legal framework. Us materials for transfer to court and the organization of legal prosecution, both foreign provokers, and their local vykormyshy" prepare, - is told in UNA statement - UNSO.

UNA - UNSO already submitted the application to the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, to SBU, and also to the party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych concerning actions of the People's Deputy (fraction of Party of Regions) Valery Konovalyuk who heads parliamentary commission of inquiry on a question of clarification of circumstances of deliveries of the Ukrainian arms to Georgia.

"Konovalyuk betrayed the state interests of Ukraine", - Igor Masur declared.

Also representatives of UNA - UNSO reported that supported the Georgian party during the conflict in the Caucasus is exclusively information, and also helped to arrange protest actions near diplomatic establishments in Ukraine.

As the leader of UNA - UNSO Yury Shukhevich emphasized, there were cases of attempt of bribery of representatives of this organization in exchange on participation in the military conflict in the Caucasus.

According to him, to representatives of UNA - UNSO was offered to go to Georgia, it is thus obligatory to have at itself the certificate and the passport.

Shukhevich assumed that if representatives of UNA - UNSO went to a conflict zone, most likely, they would be killed, and the loud statement of would sound then that representatives of UNA - UNSO took part in the conflict.


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