Wallowed in a bog

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Soon in Nikolaev there will be no bookstores

In recent days all political forces together with the power suddenly started talking about consolidation for joint overcoming of world crisis in Ukraine. What is it? Politicians suddenly came round, on Pechersky hills unexpectedly realized, what opposition exhausts the state during a Middle Ages era with its destructive wars of feuds even more? Or suddenly Christian loved the foes?

Yes isn't present, everything remained on the places. Here only in the conditions of this crisis it is less and less often "rich persons" are going to bring the investments into the main branches of production (if to begin the story about the one who from prominent politicians and heads of the state stands behind each profitable business, the taken-away place for this article will be obvious insufficiently), and - respectively - the personal pocket of each such "patriot" will permanently dry out and decrease.

Further the sketch from Nikolaev "nature" is brought can seem to somebody an illustrative example above the provided theory. I ask not to perceive so. Told, no more than the fact with the subsequent conjecture of the author. So, 30-I called on November 11 session of the Nikolaev city council only at first sight had nature of fight for tranquillity (both social, and economic) the cities. Even the working group was created on development, acceptance and introduction of the city anti-recessionary Program. And that? Normally. Nikolaev is already declared by the city, free from NATO, we made the decision on bilingualism, on a number of the state decrees and resolutions local deputies blindly learned to put a cross … Why not to declare "trailer" our city extra crisis? Here only you don't say that it is ridiculous. Serious people on it spend precious time and absolutely depreciated money. Our, notice.

And so, at the previous session deputies made the decision on privatization of the municipal property which is in using of JSC Nikolayevkniga.Dissatisfied with a course of events, the mayor Vladimir Chaika stops the order the solution of session of the City Council on sale (privatization) of four premises of JSC Nikolayevkniga, and issues the order for dismissal of the head of department of municipal services Vitaly Bolotnego. At such approach of the mayor even the most active supporters of this question (as speak in a council lobby - its price not is measured by one million dollars) didn't understand that "order" - not "veto" which can be overcome by a simple majority vote. Therefore it was necessary to agree. And here session was called to show just to the public as ability to agree, and ability of the mayor to come out the winner from the most confused and losing (at first sight) situations. Privselyudny "flogging" of Vitaly Bolotnego who sweated and I apologized before Vladimir Dmitriyevich with humility and obedience expression, I was the formal cause for restoration in a former position, and the report 1-го Yury Granaturov's deputy dazzled with figures of achievements of "Nikolayevknigi" and caused sympathy to their a hard share. And how to understand differently: rent to pay to them for municipal property not in power therefore there simply decided everything to buy up on a root. And it "Young guard", "Kobza player", "Methodical literature". All rooms in the center, than not a place under future boutiques and "zagryzochny"?

Sergey Taranenko's modestly sounded protest against squandering of municipal property didn't conceive appropriate effect. And on the question point-blank put Alexander Zholobetsky of Vladimir Chaika's personal relation to the events the courageous shoulder of support was lent by Yury Granaturov:

- There is no mayor for language.

However, then, in a lobby of session it is quite friendly 1-й the deputy mayor I noticed to the deputy:

- But I had to make it.

Here also think after that: whether money comes to an end at potential investors and builders, whether so the destiny of the hometown bypasses our local government what to sell out everything to the last thread wants to be in time?


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