Samozastroy in Nikolaev on the World, 42 all - demolished!

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About the conflict situation played on the World, 42 which responsible there was a businessman of Zavalko, we already wrote more than once. We will remind: this businessman without any permissions and coordination, bypassing the authorities decided to expand the shop equipped on the first floor of the house No. 42 on Mira Ave. The first inhabitants of the house gave the alarm - they directed the appeals to all instances. It should be noted that almost for the first time on help to the inhabitants who have declared war to samozastroy, were connected both deputies, and the management of Lenin administration, and representatives of the city power, and law enforcement agencies. And, at last, this, almost half-month fight for justice and respecting the rule of law crowned a victory! Samozastroy of Zavalko is demolished entirely of what we were convinced today personally.

At the time of our arrival on the World, the 42nd remains of samozastroy were cleaned carefully by workers of ZhEKA-16, also the excavator in the same place worked. By the way, from Zavalko representatives also were noticed. No, they also didn't think to help zhekovsky workers - simply them it was necessary to load into the car fragments of an unfortunate extension of Zavalko - metal probes, the beams, the forged ladder and the other nonsense which has been cut off the day before on the order of the chairman of Lenin administration.

In all this history it should be noted courage of the residents who have opposed an arbitrariness of the businessman of Zavalko, persistence and adherence to principles of the deputy Galina Yaroshenko which together with the adviser to the mayor Anatoly Pyatak made every effort to help people to achieve justice.Showed enviable solidarity with them and the first vice-the mayor Yury Granaturov, both the deputy mayor Alexander Zhenzherukha, and the management of Lenin administration, and law enforcement officers of the Lenin District Department of Internal Affairs.

Probably, this case will serve as a good lesson to those who got used to ignore with impunity the law and to spit on opinion of residents and all city power, and here to citizens respecting becomes a striking example of upholding of the legitimate rights and interests together with local governments.


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