Construction wars in Nikolaev now every day

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Fights on Northern as in Nikolaev there was a new construction conflict - this time in Leskakh didn't manage to die down. Near houses on Krylov St. 13/1, 19-and, 19-", 19-in, 19 g there was the next iron fence. Here are going to erect a nine-floor house. Under building the sports ground, some tens trees which have been grown up by inhabitants, and - attention - the road which for inhabitants of the residential district is a habitual route to public transport, to shops etc. get. The established fence practically cut off inhabitants of ten houses from a civilization.

In eight evenings people gathered near the house 19-and. To indignation there was no limit: the representative of the builder - the picturesque shaven-headed personality with gold pood on a neck - was here, aside, strenuously keeping ringing to someone by the mobile phone. Nearby - the employed mordaty protection with dogs, gas sprays and other attributes. To the arrived journalists and representatives of public organization "Our City" people splashed out all the troubles: how now to go? Why before giving the construction license, nobody consulted to inhabitants who more than forty (!) years live here? What will be with the sports ground, with trees? People told about constant insults from representatives of the builder and protection - differently as their "cattle" here anybody and doesn't call.

Indignation was splashed out in action soon: about one hundred people went to a fence with intention to free to themselves at least the road. The show was fantastic: in this old residential district there live in the basic elderly people, veterans of work, the former shipbuilders - working ChSZ. So the crowd of percent on eighty consisted of elderly people - 70, 80, 85 years! But even this circumstance didn't stop protection.Some elderly grandmothers - veterans were hit a portion of gas in a face from the enraged security guard, people hardly managed to evade from a huge Rottweiler. Both, nevertheless, the people and this time won! Amicably pulled hard on a fence all: grandfathers and grandmothers, former leaders of ChSZ, former glory of the ship. Also punched - to itself the road! The fence failed - and the people joyfully rushed in the formed aperture.

Everything was farther as always: there arrived militia. The interesting fact - having hardly caught sight of a police car, the security guard watering old men from a gas spray and poisoning with a dog, in a trice ran away - hid in the construction car. Having darted the interested professional glance at the skinhead "the representative of the builder", the militia began to accept statements from victims. Militiamen, under the leadership of the deputy chief of a municipal government of internal affairs Alexey Miroshnichenko, behaved extremely correctly, taking great pain to extinguish the conflict. Five suffered from a gas spray. Among them there was also a journalist "News - N" Andrey Dvoretsky. From a full-fledged portion of gas in a face its Saviour only a camera lens, though so sufficed. Performing the work, Andrey removed all events and precisely broke nothing. But protection everything was violet - that the woman that the child that the pensioner that the journalist.

The conflict settled till the dead of night. People only after eleven dispersed.

The situation with the construction conflicts in Nikolaev gradually leaves from - under control. Criminal connivance of the city authorities, corruption among officials, among deputies of city council lead universal bribery to that at issue of construction licenses nobody considers interests of simple people. On rendered habitable by them within decades the territory interfere impudently, roughly, impudently, take down playgrounds, the arbors, lovingly fostered trees. Earlier people suffered - now, seemingly, the patience burst. If not to take the urgent measures, sooner or later any of "construction wars" will end with bloodshed.


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