The chairman of the Nikolaev UNP there is Yury Shirko

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On Sunday, November 23, I took place otchetno - selective conference of the Nikolaev regional organization of the Ukrainian People's Party. It passed in premises of the Nikolaev branch of the European university with the participation of 84-x delegates of regional and city cells, the press - service UNP reports.

During conference the question of a political situation in Ukraine and prospects of participation of UNP in possible early elections in the Verkhovna Rada was discussed. Also elections of governing bodies by results of which Yury Shirko who heads NOO UNP since December, 2005 was elected the chairman of the UNP Nikolaev regional organization took place, and at present holds a position of the first deputy of Gospotrebstandart of Ukraine.

Roll-call vote chose four vice-chairmen of the UNP regional organization - Alexey Miroshnichenko, Stanislav Mizetsky, Alexander Smirnov and Valeryan Tsibulsky. Also members of the administrative board of the regional organization and 34 delegates on X congress of UNP which will take place on December 6 in Kiev were elected.

During Yu. Shirko's report I emphasized that the Ukrainian people's party as the right political force, considers as a priority task of the solution of social problems development of national economy. At the present stage of reduction of political influence of NRU, NSNU crisis, real absence of "Freedom" and the anti-Ukrainian position of BYuT increases the responsibility of the Ukrainian People's Party before society. Now primary activity of party is directed on development and realization of economic strategy on removal of national economy from crisis. Priority task of the UNP Nikolaev regional organization is reduction of influence of the pro-Russian forces in areas and increase in representation of UNP in local authorities and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for the purpose of implementation of the party program.

Delegates of conference, within an action of the Ukrainian People's Party "Buy Ukrainian", the appeal to the Nikolaev regional council and the Nikolaev regional state administration in which measures for support of a domestic production in the conditions of an economic crisis are offered was accepted.


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