Whether one more ice skating rink is necessary to Nikolaev?

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Open letter to the president of regional federation of ice hockey, deputy of the City Council Igor Bolotov

Dear Igor Olegovich! The publication compelled to address on November 19, 2008 to you with this letter us in is information - analytical the city Internet - the Mukola.net newspaper of article "In Nikolaev there will be a new skating rink!"

Our address we don't seek to discredit at all your image of the guardian "for hockey business" and the main hockey player of the Nikolaev area which you try to create throughout quite long period the performances, statements, interview in various mass media. We would like to receive answers to some questions which have arisen at reading of article.

We can't but share with you pleasure of that in our city emergence of one more skating rink is possible. Here only it isn't clear -WHY? For what to start construction of one more ice construction when in the city already there is a skating rink? Naturally, we don't assume thought that you treat the certain group of persons, wishing for any reasons to get access to the budgetary funds allocated under development of winter sports in Ukraine. However expediency of the beginning of construction looks quite doubtful and the further destiny of a possible new building seems quite foggy and uncertain.

We will try to explain a situation on the example of LX "Gulf Stream". The maintenance of an ice skating rink demands considerable financial investments are charges of a skating rink, service of an ice field, energy carriers, a salary of employees, etc.

The monetary means received from its operation, hardly suffice (and often at all doesn't suffice) on a covering of operating costs. Without going into economic details, we will tell briefly: the concepts "ice skating rink of Nikolaev" and "profitability" are incompatible. [Probably, "fault" to that is the price of skating rink visit.For comparison, in such "winter" country as Finland, the cost of one hour of stay on ice makes 40-85 euros at an o'clock; Canadians should fork up for 120 dollars … Whether the lie, "native" 40 UAH for the adult visitor look palely? ]

Whether at the expense of means of the city budget will probably contain obviously unprofitable enterprise? Whether construction of the new ice arena will turn into the next unfinished construction with grandiosely - solemn "funeral" of means of taxpayers? On own example we know, as far as "деньгоёмок" construction process. After all emergence of an ice skating rink became possible only thanks to diligence of enthusiasts and financial investments of LX "Gulf Stream".

On the end of construction then, statements that certain persons dreamed there sound and still dream to present nikolayevets with a worthy ice skating rink. We will open a small secret: With LX "Gulf Stream" during construction it wasn't attracted kopeks of budgetary funds, from one public or political organization, from someone from nowadays zealously taking care of development of hockey and figure skating in the south of Ukraine didn't arrive offers on the help (the positive relation of the mayor and some deputies of city council), and all conversations became a pleasant exception and remain empty …

However we will return to contents of article. It isn't absolutely clear how the Cup of the Black Sea tournament can take place "since September under the auspices of the Nikolaev regional federation of ice hockey"? After all, if to trust the publication, the federation appeared onlyOn October 31? Besides, start of "A cup of the Black Sea" took placeOn October 4, 2008(to whom how not to "organizers" of tournament, it would be necessary to know exact date of its beginning? ).

For clarity introduction, it would be desirable to specify that as initiators of the organization of carrying out "A cup of the Black Sea" acted: skating rink "Gulf Stream", in the person of the directorA.Ivashkova, captain "Orion" (Nikolaev)G. Litkovand captain "Dnepr" (Kherson)C. Kalmyk(repeatedly holding similar tournaments and prompted as it is correct to organize it to make the schedule of carrying out games). They invited ice-hockey teams to participation in "A cup of the Black Sea".

If you, Igor, consider that, having made the one and only call in.Odessa to the Katran team and having invited them to participate in tournament, automatically you become his organizer, what part in his carrying out is assigned to us?

After all "Gulf Stream" incurs all expenses on carrying out "Cup", pays expenses for production of advertizing production, its placement (including and on radio), provides ice, etc. Yes, each team pays one thousand hryvnias which partially cover payment for ice rent, but this sum is at least symbolical and in any way doesn't cover expenses on tournament.

Every Saturday, when citizens with families could come and have a rest on a skating rink, there pass games, and till 11-00, and even later, skating rink visit (except as as the audience) is impossible. But we consciously sustain economic losses that tournament took place.

Cause easy bewilderment and quoted in articleV. Stoyanovaabout that the skating rink "isn't really adapted" for hockey development in Nikolaev. It is strange that the person who was directly participating in an embodiment of idea of construction of a skating rink in Nikolaev, holds back that it is one of the best in Ukraine. Probably, in view of lack of a large number of seats the skating rink also isn't adapted for carrying out large European tournaments, but to develop hockey and figure skating on our ice it is possible and it is necessary. Especially as at us are already open also school of figure skating at which more than 80 children aged from 4-x are engaged years and the group of children's hockey in which are engaged while fifteen boys is more senior (three groups), and. And education of young hockey players at us is carried out not by somebody, and the master of sports in hockeyVladimir Pavlovich Lavrentyev, which, by the way, not one year won back in an ice-hockey team of Kherson (which experience you recommend to adopt). And CzechJan Mimra, the team player "Orion" which brought the son into children's group of ice hockey, too with pleasure passes on the experience to young hockey players. So to learn to eat a coma.

Your statement that the main merit that "gradually Nikolaev becomes better known on "the hockey card" Ukraine", belongs to nikolayevets who play hockey and which don't feel sorry for forces and means for development of this "game of real men" is undoubted, fair. However, besides:about what means there is a speech? If there was no ice skating rink, about what popularity it would be possible to speak?

And for emergence in Nikolaev DYuSSh on hockey by an indispensable condition existence of the state skating rink, and strong material resources - to whom how not you, to know about it is at all? To whom how not to you, it has to be known, the hockey ammunition is how expensive? And what efforts are costed by its acquisition for parents of the boys, dreaming to be engaged in this sport? Therefore, maybe, instead of construction of the second skating rink in the southern city with sea traditions, and to you as to the deputy, and all depuy corps it would be necessary to pay bigger attention to development of already existing winter sports, in particular, figure skating and hockey to give the chance to school students to be engaged on ice at physical education classes, having paid rent cost for this time.

And to already formed adult ice-hockey teams including yours, it would be much easier in respect of trainings if ice rent on a skating rink was paid at the expense of budgetary funds. Especially as to keep and increase available it is always much easier, than to create new, and financial support of already existing skating rink will bring benefit to all who is interested in increase in number of the persons playing sports.

In end, it would be desirable to express gratitude to those who supports and gives help in development of winter sports in our city: to management concerning regional state administration physical culture and sport (A.V.Sadovsky) to all our collective JSC LK Golfstrim, and in particular figure skating coachsL. IvanovaandA.Skalozubu, to instructorsTo V. P. Lavrentyev,To V. MashkinandTo A.Dolzhenkov- to organizers of children's group on ice hockey with a washer; to the most disciplined team on hockey "Orion" (the captain -G. Litkov).

But the warmest words of gratitude we address to nikolayevets and the city visitors, all fans of driving on ice, after all exactly thanks to them probably further existence of an ice field, it is possible to achieve dream of future figure skaters and hockey players.

Administration of JSC LK Golfstrim


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