The Nikolaev regional council is notified that has no right to deprive Lyubov Kobylyanskaya of a deputatstvo

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At the past session of the regional council which has passed on November 21, Nikolaev "vitrenkovets" again tried to deprive Lyubov Kobylyanskaya of the status of the deputy. But already, as they say, not statements and decisions, and specific actions.

- I came to session, - Lyubov Kobylyanskaya speaks. - It appears, removed my plate, disfranchised me, didn't want to issue me the mandate in spite of the fact that my business is in court. This violation of my constitutional laws.

According to her, the head of fraction of the Block of Natalia Vitrenko "National opposition" Larisa Shesler perfectly knows that Kobylyanskaya's business has to be solved in court. But Shesler it is so anxious with Kobylyanskaya's deprivation of her mandate that is constant "makes in regional council scandals". Lyubov Viktorovna reported about it, having referred to one of heads of regional council who had to listen to these scandals.

Yesterday, on November 24, in office of a regional council the petition from the Central district court of the city of Nikolaev in which the judge Vladimir Aleynikov forbids regional council to submit a question of Kobylyanskaya's deprivation of her mandate as her claim is in court for session consideration arrived and waits for the consideration. Court session will take place on December 16.

For the sake of we will note clarities that today unclear there is a destiny of five deputies - ex-"vitrenkovets": in regional council - Lyubov Kobylyanskaya and Ilya Labas, in Nikolaevsk city - Lilia Lyakh and Bronislav Dolgosheev, and in Voznesensky regional council - Lina Labas.

The correspondent of "N News" managed to contact the deputy of the City Council Lilia Lyakh. She reported that concerning her and her colleague Bronislav Dolgosheev the court yet didn't take out the resolution. The following court session is appointed to December 9. And that - only in Dolgosheev's claim as it was decided to consider these cases separately.

We will remind that the decision on deprivation of these people of deputy powers was made at meeting of executive committee of the Block of Natalia Vitrenko on September 2. At session of regional council on September 19 the head of fraction Larisa Shesler this decision was read, but not supported.The deputies called above managed to submit petitions to appeal against this illegal solve


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