Whether support of ship-building branch will enter the list of anti-recessionary measures?

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The People's Deputy of Ukraine, the head of the BYuT Nikolaev regional party organization Roman Zabzalyuk expressed the opinion on anti-recessionary measures which, in his opinion, it is necessary to accept for situation stabilization in Ukraine as a whole and in Nikolayevshchina in particular:

- Today entering of amendments into the budget of the next year began: this introduction of additional acts which strengthen the anti-recessionary project at the level of the state and different areas. We sharply raise a question for the Cabinet and before the relevant profile committees about need of special attention to ship-building branch which is powerfully presented on sloes of the Nikolaev area - she needs to be supported, and including not to allow reduction of workplaces.

It is necessary to draw attention to higher educational institutions - I mean those questions which were raised by representatives of university of Sukhomlinsky, Kiyevo - Mogilyanki, Sea university.

It and still a number of other actions which will be necessary at regional level - here our problem. We face threat of dangerous world crisis, and we see, what inadequate behavior is shown by the Guarantor. This person had to maintain stability in the state, instead of try to turn parliament into pocket branch of Presidential Administration.


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