Even the Minister of Education Ivan Vakarchuk doesn't know, whether the Nikolaev HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS

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In recent years considerably the quantity of higher educational institutions and their branches in all large cities of Ukraine increased. However volumes of public financing don't allow to provide and increase the power of material resources of institutions as appropriate.

The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko repeatedly declared that the quantity of higher educational institutions in Ukraine has to will decrease, and higher education institutions - to be integrated.

It, allegedly, will give the chance to higher education institutions to improve scientific and material resources, and also to get to the list of the best institutions of formation of the world. At local level this problem already start discussing.

In Nikolaev about two years the question of association of several large universities and creation on their base uchebno - a scientific complex is considered. In particular, NGGU of Pyotr Mogila and some other HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS in a uniform complex is a question of NSU association of V.A. Sukhomlinsky. This year even there were hearings about creation on the basis of these universities of uniform educational institution - Taurian university.

Yesterday, on November 25, in time of "the hot line" we took an interest about plans of creation of uniform university on the basis of the Nikolaev HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS at the Minister of Education and Science Ivan Vakarchuk. According to him, in its plans of creation of such university isn't present, it also knows nothing about association of universities.

Thus, a question of, whether the Nikolaev HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS and how it will be made - by association or by creation of consortium of separate higher education institutions will integrate, - remains open. Undoubtedly, pro similar reforming of system stands up a positive example of the European countries in which one large HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION can consist of several small universities or institutes which even can be in different territories.


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