Alexey Garkusha's related communications

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The formula of vulnerability of the politician consists of quantity of "painful points" which can be used by opponents in information wars with it, - the family of the politician, his acts, features of character, etc. These subjects, and especially - a subject of relatives and godfathers - can become a basis for the public charges stated by his opponents, or for hearings which will start plying in the people.

To the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Garkusha by opponents it is stated already enough (especially about related communications), here only from it journalists didn't hear answers to these public charges. As it appeared because questions didn't ask.And it was necessary to ask only.

-Alexey Nikolaevich, we will begin with the loudest recently news: your son-in-law Andrey Shapovalov became the acting as head of the Berezansky raygosadmininstration. Why? You after all can't but understand that will tell: I appointed the son-in-law, because there - the resort earth...

- If I needed to resolve "the issues" in this area (and for today I there have neither centimeter, nor an earth iota, maybe, I - only who there has no earth), through the third-party person I would make for a long time it and would be pure. But a situation in the area so difficult that I am compelled to take such steps which I tried not to do throughout all the life. And the area very difficult just because there is the coast.
First the regional state administration offered two candidates of the acting as the head of the Berezansky district state administration, but for various reasons they didn't pass. Attempts to bring an order by means of the previous heads of the district state administration weren't crowned with success: these people handed over positions, in any degree even sold interests of the state. These processes should be stopped. I understand that I assume a huge piece of work and responsibility, actually I stake the authority and the name.But, nevertheless, I am absolutely sure that now in the Berezansky area laws will be observed that the appointed head will be engaged in the area, and not just the coast.
Yes, it is my son-in-law, to which 34 years. But look: to the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada - 35 years, to many ministers are much less than years. Andrey Shapovalov knows that this such - business management. And for me it is very important to be sure that in the management of the area he will accurately adhere to the legislation.
I will add that during representation of the new acting as the head of the district state administration of the Berezansky area I and spoke: I represent the son-in-law. So I don't hide it. Also I understand that labels can fasten any that motives and the purposes can attribute any, but the person should be judged on affairs. Perhaps such answer I which - whom I upset. Opponents would be glad if relatives appeared asocial elements.

-Andrey Shapovalov is a husband of your daughter Inga who participated in the past elections of the Nikolaev mayor?

- My oldest daughter Inga proved itself, I even in any degree dissuaded her from participation in elections. But in principle the task to go to elections and to become the mayor wasn't put. If so there was a question, I would propose the candidature, and, likely, the situation would be a bit different.
And if to speak about Inginy participation in mayor elections, the reason was quite thorough: those who at that time was at the power in area, passed Rubicon, - started pulling down its business, to take away from it routes (we will remind that Inga Shapovalova - the head of the Alan — the Techno firm which is engaged in passenger traffic, - a bus comment). And at Inga it wasn't simple other exit. And it actually "worked" against one of candidates, and I think that not bad worked, judging by result.
And as for potential, I never doubted that it could work freely and at "monarchic service". But she doesn't want and never wanted.

-This question - not absolutely about Alexey Garkusha's related communications, but with them is connected. Andrey Omelchuk's tragic death, the director of KP "Avtotransobsluzhivaniye", connect with allegedly your desire to give to Inga this enterprise.

- In respect of privatization of this municipal enterprise isn't present, and the regional state administration at all didn't plan it to do.Besides, it the enterprise can't be suitable for Inginy business at all. But at all in it put. Call at least one enterprise which would be privatized and in which my interests would be traced?
And as for death of the director of KP "Avtotransobsluzhivaniye", charge in my address, sounded from his son, that I brought Andrey Omelchuk to a heart attack, very seriously. You know that the son of the dead filed a lawsuit against me the claim. Though you understand that we could stop consideration of this claim as the son isn't procedurally the dissatisfied party. But it it wasn't made deliberately - I want to wait for the trial end simply.
I will add that when I learned about Andrey Omelchuk's death, appealed to the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to find out causes of death because already then I knew how it will be beaten. As I was told after conversation with the wife, A.Omelchuk long was ill, suffered from a hypertension.
Though I precisely know that there were people who wanted to privatize this enterprise and advised A.Omelchuka as to make it.

- We will return to a subject of our conversation. You are a father of three daughters, and we hear, as a rule, only about one - Inga...

- The average daughter - the candidate of science, works as the teacher at agrarian university. On character the policy or a position in "a high office" isn't necessary to it. And I never set on - a pier, give... If I wanted, you understand: and under the oldest daughter it would be possible to find different offices or establishments, and under average. But also they didn't want it. The husband of the average daughter has the business, they are independent people more than 10 years.
And the younger daughter in the middle of June will graduate from the university and that will do farther while at the crossroads. Probably, will go to work to Inga because there "front" bared - Andrey - that I left, from - for what to many shout was (Alexey Nikolaevich laughs - a bus comment).

- That is, as far as I understood, you never pressed on children, didn't interfere with their life?

- Usually people at a position with someone bring together someone, arrange marriages of convenience. I didn't do it never, and, thank God, that didn't do it. My sons-in-law are people, first of all, I am happy with them.
And as for vital philosophy, I never tried to facilitate life to the children. For example, when for the first time I was at a position, Inga as had two routes in Nikolaev, so two and remained.Though it to change opportunity, I admit, I was - offers, in any case, such arrived. But for me it was always important that children became independent and could survive not only at the father. Simply because the position isn't eternal and I too. To leave inheritance? Clever - will earn, and silly, how many leave, everything will be a little.

- Still it would be desirable to ask about one relative. Very many say that you returned to a position of the head of the Zhovtnevy district state administration Stakhorsky because it is your godfather...

- I so will tell you: by and large we are relatives and with monkeys. But concerning Stakhorsky: we worked together at one enterprise - in Shevchenko's state farm. And our wives christened someone. If this kumovstvo, that, believe, I have today on area a lot of relatives, or as speak in Ukraine: "across the road navprisyadka". The grandma in the market can tell that she is Garkusha's aunt, and that she will complain if it badly serve. But were also such which tried to be covered with a name of relatives: someone went shopping and said that my relative.
And Residents is unless not an example of "related communications"? I to the last couldn't think that he attributed the enterprise - "Agroeksport" - me that itself warmed up hearings about "the related relation".
And, coming back to Stakhorsky, I will tell: yes, it is the rigid person, he needs to be constrained in any moments - he can insult. But if to speak about advantage for people and for the area, we now don't have managers who would be able to operate economy at the level of areas.


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