NUNI ONU management of I.I. Mechnikov will achieve personal meeting with the Minister Vakarchuk

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As already reported "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Ivan Vakarchuk in time of "the hot line" declared to our correspondent that the question of closing Nikolaev uchebno - the ONU scientific institute of I.I.Mechnikov is solved finally. Also the Minister let know that no addresses and statements will be able to change this decision.

We asked the acting director of NUNI Vladimir Gamzu to comment on current situation. The acting director declared that soon the delegation of institute will go to Kiev for a meeting with Ivan Vakarchuk. The management of this HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION will do everything possible to change the decision of the ministry on institute closing. If it at them doesn't turn out, the management will file a lawsuit the claim.

Apparently, the acting director doesn't give up hope as - that to affect destiny of institute and its students. Possibly this attempt to change a situation, unlike previous, will be crowned with success. "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" already wrote that before to the Ministry appeals of department of education and science Nikolaev YEAH, addresses of the acting director and institute trade-union committee, and also the recommendation of the constant commissions and the address of a depuy corps of the Nikolaev regional council repeatedly went.

We will remind that the specified address of deputies was accepted on 25 sessions of regional council. However after the conference hall was left by representatives of institute, the text of the address was commented by the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha. He declared, as the request, and the formulation of the address to the Ministries, are in his opinion incorrect. According to Alexey Garkusha, the request for carrying out repeated check at institute looks as the instruction to the Ministry on its mistake. Actually if to take at least 10% of violations which took place at this institute, everything who there worked, have to be punished. Also Alexey Garkusha explained why, despite his position, he voted pro the address: "I raised a hand that didn't tell that all pro people, and the governor - against".

It is necessary to tell that the decision on license NUNI ONU cancellation of I.I.Mechnikov was made by results of checks of CREWE. Despite unfavourable results of checks as financially - economic activity of institute, and a situation with licensing of specialties and other aspects of educational process, the management of this HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION didn't liquidate the violations revealed earlier though time for this purpose was more, than there is enough.


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