Start without finish, or "a tea of tobacco"-2

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Thirst, hunger, "excesses bad" in their numerous manifestations and other natural (and unnatural) needs is everything so, physiology.
No more.
Having celebrated who as can, the prime needs, separate individuals (in the majority not burdened by surplus of intelligence and elementary human qualities) start testing much more serious need (I even would tell - draft), it - irresistible desire, by all means to possess though any power.
Well, at least its small slice...
It should be noted that in this country the power is the same business, as, for example, "speculation in macaroni" (no, any hints, I only quoted a scrap of the old statement of dear Nikolay Petrovich to one of "heroes of the past"), only much more profitable.

Well, really, "having invested" a certain sum of the commercial project under the name "Elections", in case of successful it "advances on the market" opportunity "is got to cut dividends" throughout long term.

Is, certainly, which - what nuances, unforeseen roughnesses, but it already particulars meet sometimes. So to speak, "costs of production".

In the previous material I called "the main structure" potential candidates who, from my point of view, have certain chances to show more or less worthy result on the following elections of the mayor of Nikolaev.

Some surnames, I won't hide, weren't called deliberately. I will try to explain - why. So...

Merikov Vadim
The person who is widely known in an imperious, business and sports community. And not only Nikolaev.

The personality, we will tell directly, difficult. First of all from - for the eccentricity. Such very not easy to keep in the standard standard framework. Its pronounced positive are the undoubted talent of the organizer and uncommon working capacity.

Why it isn't looked through (I emphasize, this my personal opinion) as the possible candidate?

For devoted by a big secret that high extent of impact which have also Vadim's senior partner, and he, on the events occurring and occurring in the city isn't long ago.

The preponderance in the City Council of fraction of the Ave. became some obstacle to increase of this influence. However, considering serious falling of a rating of "regionals" in the city (as well as in the country as a whole that, however, is only initial in anticipation of serious structural changes in this party), tandem prospects O. Bogomaz - V. Merikov (even out of their party accessory) look very and very...
And not only for them.
Due to the aforesaid with a big share of probability it is possible to assume that V. Merikov (certainly, with the help and support of the friend and the mentor) I set for myself much more serious task, than participation (or even a hypothetical victory! ) in mayor race.

Now I will afford some retreat.

During election campaign and after Kiev "elections" "interested" capital (and is slightly later and "not capital") "public" began to trumpet about application them "антипатиками" the selective technologies "Babylon", "roundabout", "traffic light" and so forth

Actually, "actions" such in their classical option are treated much more widely, than primitive and banal bribery of voters in this or that form. Without going into details, I will note that in Kiev shameful "record" both by number of candidates "per capita", and by the sizes selective (language doesn't turn to call it the bulletin) "bench hammer" was set up.

At least five times smaller Nikolaev on number in a percentage ratio, I think, will break Kiev "record".
If, of course, major candidates have enough funds for the content of such number of technical "assistants".
Which with even big diligence, than their owners, will start "convicting, opening, angrily to condemn", etc. But it is only visible part them "need and sufficiency".
Their main appointment - not so much to delay on itself part of electorate of opponents of "customer" (so-called "extension"), how many "to stake out" places for buying of presence at city election commission and on polling stations of observers from their party.
The interested, probably, remembers that on elections-2006 three from major candidates (V. Chaika, S. Isakov and I.Shapovalova) totally gained more than 90% of the votes participating in vote.
Thus, less than 10% fell to the share of 11 others.
And it at rather high appearance.

It is absolutely optional that the majority of the "enlisted" few supporters any of these "technicians" will give the votes to whom the elect will point them. And it will point, naturally, to "owner".
Experience prompts that such hopes are, as a rule, illusory.
But, I repeat, it and isn't regarded "as of paramount importance". As used to say in Soviet period, "moving towards numerous wishes of workers" I will continue the list of candidates.
Taking into account, I emphasize, the aforesaid.

Taranenko Sergey
Would be absolutely wrong to carry Sergey (as, however, and about what the speech below) to "the lowest estate" technical candidates will go.

Successful businessman, deputy of the City Council, member of BYuT fraction.
Possesses personal means for carrying out election campaign which preparatory stage already I started.
However, the probability of support of this candidate party structure on which he has a direct bearing, is (in any case, - while), alas, low.
I think that opponents who for any reasons will apprehend S. Taranenko as strong contender, will try to connect him with the extremely unpopular in Nikolaev people.
Which, on annoying combination of circumstances, at the same time are someone like "ideologists - technologists" the project under the code name "Our city... ", I'm sorry, "Our mayor - Sergey Taranenko".

Not to mention that theoretically from the local organization BYUT it can be exposed and one more candidate.

Zadyrko Gennady
The former deputy of a regional council well familiar to nikolayevets from SPU, nowadays the People's Deputy of Ukraine (that speaks for itself), the member of the BYuT parliamentary fraction.

Gennady's numerous advantages are known for much, including, of course, and most to "the Big Spinning top".
It to that, being the head of the BYuT Donetsk regional organization, G. Zadyrko will be simply obliged to obey to party discipline, i.e. Yulia Vladimirovna's will.
I don't think that it has long "bench" for a role of regional managers of the block of her name. Especially regions which for YU.V. are, to put it mildly, problem. Certainly, the faithful person holding a real senior position (even if and not in very interesting from the point of view of number of adherents of YU.V. the city), can appear for Yu. Tymoshenko (and her environments) it is more necessary, than the ordinary party functionary.
But what decision will be made in this concrete case by madam the acting Prime minister - the minister knows, perhaps, only she. And it now oh as not before...

Here therefore also G. Zadyrko wasn't mentioned before.

Dyumin Anatoly
The honourable citizen, the "eternal" deputy, the winner, the patron, "singing star" both other, and other.

At Anatoly there is a lot of various ranks and regalia. And the modest means sewed by back-breaking toil for the organization truly "democratic national will" - too. I don't know, whether itself A.Dyumin I came to so firm conclusion that its popularity "in the people" repeatedly exceeds popularity any the priest - an idol of modern youth, or someone purposefully and dynamically brings it to it.
I will notice only that taking into account some features of process of self-expression of so pragmatic businessman as g - N Dyumin, similar delusions are represented a little strange.
However, everyone has a good time on - to the.
Reason "not mentions "A.Dyumin and it is clear?

Granaturov Yury
"The very first deputy" which together with "the best mayor of Ukraine" without sparing itself and the forces conducts nikolayevets to prosperity and prosperity. Well, here it didn't turn out to become at Yury "center" in "star team of dream" under the direction of, undoubtedly, the honored trainer Kruglov N. of the Item
That here you will do when already "ambitious doublers" came... And already created "team of our youth, team without which us not to live... ".
Where "we" are delighted and grateful nikolayevets, "biting the dust before" the idols. To a great regret for Yu. Granaturov to want a stone and it to receive - two big differences.
>Happiness, as it is known...
And you won't take it in hand.

Here, perhaps, and all possible candidates.
And impossible - too...
I hope, nobody will reproach me with use against any of them "black technologies", won't accuse of "douche by dirt" and in other "fashionable" nowadays receptions.

I was correct literally on a limit of human opportunities.

It would be desirable to wish all called the same correctness on the relation to each other, if all of them (save, My God, distressful Nikolaev from such misfortune... ) and the rack which has adjoined them of their vassals will meet in fight for "first prize" of races.

Anton Tikhomirov


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