Party war for labor unions

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The federation of labor unions of Ukraine, all these years silently degrading to a condition of the "lime" organization, is today on the threshold of high-quality changes. Until recently the problem was that race for power in FPU broke off the organization on part and deprived of reference points. Some clarity was brought by Party of Regions which managed to go ва - bank and on FPU Council on November 20 to elect the chairman of FPU of the person - the People's Deputy Vasily Hara. Though election was far not the unambiguous - less than a half of members of council and quorum at meeting voted for it wasn't.

Hara not headed one year Donetsk regional professional council, but on a post of the head of Federation it is necessary to it hardly. The matter is that the Federation as a human and property resource on the eve of elections would be very opportunely and parties the prime minister - the minister Tymoshenko. The leader of BYuT isn't going to give FPU to political opponents so easily. Her fears are clear - and suddenly on the future elections some million members of FPU become activists of Party of Regions? Not incidentally on November 25 the prime minister organized in the Cabinet meeting with heads of regional structures of FPU who in the majority supported the acting chairman of Federation Igor Lutsishin. Though Tymoshenko didn't come to meeting, and charged it to conduct to the colleague to Turchynov, it is easy to notice that party war for labor unions grows.

On the one hand, Hara - the person skilled and knowing problems of social policy of Ukraine (he heads profile committee in the Verkhovna Rada). But with another - his party membership can become a serious hindrance in carrying out reform of trade-union movement. And matter not only in intrigues of political opponents. Labor unions by definition have to be "non-parties", differently they is stuck in political squabbles and will lose any trust of the members.The difficult task is necessary to Vasily Hare - he has to save FPU from strong party influence as from native PR, and from outside "enemy parties", and to adjust not fake, but real work on protection of the rights of federated members. Whether it will be able?

FPU too long stayed idle while its management ate the trade-union property which has got from Soviet period. Now the most numerous trade-union association has to be reconstructed on absolutely others - active methods and rates of work. After all FPU became famous for the personnel stagnation - the majority of heads of trade-union structures sit at positions till 20-30, and even 40 years, trying not to take off by all means for a board. It is impossible to return to trade-union activity primordial sense without the FPU personnel updating at all levels - from "pervichka" to Presidium.

Most likely, Vasily Hara becomes the interim head with whom it is possible poorly - to worry poorly present crisis. But the young leaders who haven't been burdened with party membership cards and deputy mandates have to build qualitatively new labor unions.


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