The Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies has nothing to spend 300 thousand UAH of the city budget?

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Small, but long scandal burst yesterday, on November 27, on the Advisory board of parties and public organizations when the speech came about bodies of self-organization of the population in Nikolaev, about their problems and development prospects.

The chairman of the board Victor Evdokimov informed present that the city council approved for a long time the Program of development of bodies of self-organization of the population in the city of Nikolaev under which in the city budget means in the sum of 300 thousand hryvnias are put every year, but … and remain unused. According to Victor Evdokimov, someone "blocks advance of this question, and blocks with impunity".

- The city council places this money to the city budget, further this money don't go anywhere, - he speaks.

Chairmen of bodies of self-organization of the population with extreme indignation spoke that they repeatedly wrote demands and programs, asked money for performance of certain works in the territories (improvement of platforms, elimination of dumps, etc.), however every time to them comes from the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies the answer: MONEY is NOT PRESENT.

After some debate the head of department of external relations Natalya Ukhmanovskaya explained that all problem rests against absence of the main manager of means. But at the same time I told that at the last session of the City Council by the manager of means in the Program housing and communal services Department were defined.

Trying to untangle a ball of questions and misunderstanding, the chief of financial management of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, the deputy mayor Valentina Bondarenko explained that money was put, but each time in the end of the year was redistributed on other branches because "nobody asked them from us".

- At the previous session you (deputies of the City Council - a bus) made changes to the Program - were called (as the main managers of means - as a bus) administrations of areas, housing and communal services Department. These means still aren't used. Still nobody addressed to me. Where to send this money - to administrations, to Department? ! To whom? ! - I asked Valentin Bondarenko's questions.

However the deputy director of housing and communal services Department, the head of department of operation and housing reforming Sergey Klimenko explained that at the last session Department included in the list of managers of means, but financial management of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies has no lawful bases to give to Department money as such decisions have to be made at session.

The question and of the relations between Osnami and Zhekami, after all the last as - in any way, continue to serve the houses which are in territories of OSN was brought up. According to Natalya Ukhmanovskaya for this reason there was in due time a question of delivery to heads of OSN of certificates. There were numerous cases when the person comes to ZhEK, and it is spoken: "And from where we know, what you head any there? Why we have to trust you and have with you conversation? ". Therefore BASES have no cooperation with Zhekami, and (a gap, a defect) too it is necessary as - that to eliminate this problem.

Sergey Klimenko offered the help in permission of this question:

- If someone has a desire to communicate with Zhekami at any level, to make the contract, either the agreement, or the protocol, to adjust interaction, not a question - address to me. We will meet at me in an office and to look for consensus. I will be as the referee or an uniting link.

Valentina Bondarenko reported that, working within standards of the legislation (in particular - the Budgetary code of Ukraine) financial management is unauthorized to give money directly ОСНам.

- We give out money city council "on" the main distributor. In this situation it is four administrations of areas and Depatament of housing and communal services. According to situation which accepts a depuy corps, among them there is a division of means. Garbage removal, catching of vagrant animals - these questions are engaged administrations. Capital repairs of housing facilities, elevators, cellars are everything treats housing and communal services Department, - Bondarenko explained. - The problem arose because that wasn't defined where this money who will be engaged in self-organization bodies will go … Nobody will be able to give to OSN money without delegation of powers because it is budgetary funds for which it is necessary to report. It will be CREWE, it will be prosecutor's office, these are the whole affairs. I don't know how you will take them.Here when five main managers they will see off the tender by definition, let us assume, the cleaner of garbage, to improvement, here just and have to invite you as bodies of self-organization of the population, to be present at this moment that you knew, who that and as. Then bodies of self-organization won't be torn off from executive bodies of the city.

It is clear that all problems arise when there is no responsible. In structure of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies there is no personally fixed worker who would deal with issues OSN. The head of fraction of Party of Regions in city council Pyotr Zibrov paid attention to this side of the problem present. He suggested to recommend to the mayor and to the office of council to consider possibility of introduction in structure of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies of such established post.

In turn, the deputy of the regional council, the second secretary of regional committee of KPU Nikolay Dzardanov remembered experience 30 - summer prescription when "there were committees of self-government and perfectly functioned in 80-x years at all ЖЭКах". In his opinion, this experience is applicable and at the present stage.

All participants of action agreed in opinion that many problems of OSN will manage to be solved if the scheme, accurate mechanisms of the assignment, put in the Program, and their distributions is developed.


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