As us deceive in bars and restaurants

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When in one of pubs before me put a big half liter glass of beer, to my surprise there was no limit - I ordered a small glass with a capacity of 0,33. Especially as in the menu on a choice offer both options. But the waiter only I transferred words of the bartender to my question: "We on 0,33 don't pour. We have … no glasses". The impudence of workers of an institution simply discourages, after all to pour the ordered small portion of beer in a half liter glass, many efforts aren't necessary. But I had to pay and for the drunk not enough beer too. When I with indignation told about this case to the familiar bartender Maxim, it was only twisted: "Nonprofessionals worked. It is necessary to deceive the person so that he told thanks". And here is how us deceive in bars and restaurants where to it teach and why we don't notice deception, Maxim agreed to tell. Naturally, having asked to change the name - that with colleagues of problems wasn't.

- Good waiters and bartenders, first of all, are almost professional psychologists. Bringing the client of the menu, it is necessary to estimate approximately already its social and financial position, an emotional spirit, the company with which it came. Then it will turn out to deceive him correctly - so that he remained is happy.

The bartender and the waiter always work in couple - that didn't add or the bartender didn't report, the waiter has to present beautifully. For example, the client orders 300 grams of vodka of a certain brand.On this case the bartender has some bottles cheap, but very cold vodka. At a freezing the professional can distinguish taste of vodka only and if to serve drink in the beautiful decanter which has misted over from cold, to bring pure liqueur glasses moreover if thus smiling waiter will present "as a gift" from the bartender two slices of a lemon - the client simply delighted. Though the difference in the cost of cheap and expensive vodka with interest will cover not only lemon cost, but sometimes and even a decanter - it is pleasant to the person, he will tell thanks and even, probably, leaves tip. Therefore the only exit to receive concrete brand of vodka is to order at once a bottle. "It is better to drink not enough - is cheaper all the same leaves" - Maxim advises. Besides, in any bar of waste doesn't happen. The drunk not enough 50 grams of vodka will put again in the refrigerator and will sell once again. If to speak about wine, here to the bartender to earn a little more difficult. To replace one brand with another very risky - taste can strikingly differ. Though skilled bartenders manage and to change any very expensive "Saperavi" for usual dry wine of local production. Less professional bartenders earn on "incomplete filling". And the quantity of the poured in too little wine in direct ratio depends on degree of intoxication of the client - than it more, less wine will be that in a glass. In other words, if in the bar you drink all evening wine, be sure that in its each following glass will be less and less. It is rather simple to earn on kegovy beer too - it is possible to replace it with cheaper bottle always. Snack used to beer - nutlets, chips, - it is enough pistachio only a tax on a saucer. And that the client didn't notice that it is slightly less than nutlets - the bartender simply beautifully displays them. Or divides into small portions big packing - it turns out cheaper. For the bartender, of course, instead of for the client.

Even if you don't take some alcoholic drinks, and into pub came to drink a cup of "cappuccino" or a juice glass, be not under a delusion - and there are ways of deception. At coffee preparation the bartender will save the coffee, and juice at least 50 grams will pour in too little. After all all standard glasses are 250 grams but if to pour the put portion of juice, the glass will be full to the brim. Therefore pour 180-190 grams of juice, throw couple of cubes of ice and insert a straw - and everything is all right. Ordered three - four persons on a juice glass - the bartender has already one glass "in a gain".If it is necessary to prepare soluble "cappuccino", one bag goes at least on two cups. And that the client didn't notice and didn't complain of bad taste, it is necessary to try to the bartender. "I parted a half-bag with water, added a little sugar, and from above, already in a cup, slightly - slightly powdered with grated chocolate. It turned out tasty, beautifully and favourably. It is pleasant to person to leave the money if to him bring such beauty", - my interlocutor shares the trade secrets.

Not to report on steam of segments of orange, banana or a lemon is in general in the nature of things. Segments of fruit will go to a plate to the following client. It is good if an abyss aren't in time. Deception in kitchen is a parafiya of the cook. Not to report on steam of pelmeni, to save on dish weight - here the bartender isn't involved at all. But Maxim told quite interesting detail. In more - less decent institution at the order bread cost isn't considered. Well won't begin to earn an institution respecting on 10 kopeks for a slice! Therefore very often payment for bread - an initiative of employees of restaurant. As for cocktails, or rather ways to deceive the client at their preparation, this special art.

- It in power only pro. It has to be got the hand, after all the real experts don't use measured ware at production of cocktails. So, it is necessary to know accurately, how many that to pour in too little and that taste of cocktail thus didn't deteriorate, - speaks Max.

Owners of institutions close eyes to similar things, but for the time being: if you get, or you will shortchange not that person - there will be a scandal. By the way, to shortchange the client, according to Maxim, too it is necessary to be able. To bring the account overestimated on 10-50 hryvnias with the sour person, with impudence and impudence is the wrong approach. "It is necessary to deceive only with a smile", - Max considers. And therefore it is necessary to show to the client his importance, to thank for visit, to ask, whether everything was pleasant, and between times to give that wrong account. If the client suspected wrong, too there are some psychological courses. For example, with a benevolent look quietly to offer the calculator that the visitor could count the cost of the order personally. In - the first, this affected honesty bribes. And in - the second, it is a question of own prestige of the client.Well there is no the man who has come to bar with the girl, at her to recalculate an order value, differently what it will make impression? If all - the client caught on shortchanging, the good waiter or the bartender never will begin to argue and prove the case. In that case the bartender apologizes, tells something it seems "this waiter works recently" or "it will be punished", and offers the client binge at the expense of an institution. In other words, at own expense - and such happens. But the bartender is more skilled, the less often he has similar incidents - experience "affects to see, whom and how to deceive". Maxim argues on a moral aspect of the profession so:

- People come with different mood, with the problems. And if you good service help with the solution of its problems, you will help to relax why on it not to earn?

And the main principle of the good bartender "to deceive that it was pleasant to the person", unfortunately, is fundamental in work of many, and not only bartenders. And can fortunately - after all better to be deceived pleasantly, than it is simple to be deceived. Therefore if after visit of pub or, for example, viewing of the next televised address of any politician, you have a good mood is doesn't mean at all that you didn't deceive. Simply the professional got …


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