Gennady Zadyrko left Donetsk Byutovtsev?

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Financial crisis continues the victorious procession along Donbass. Except problems in metallurgy, construction and the chemical industry, as a result, there are difficulties in superlinear components of basis, that is in the political block. Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc fell the first victim - tonight information on Gennady Zadyrko's resignation got to mass media from a position of the chairman of the organization.

Officially a press - the service of the Batkivshchina VO Donetsk regional organization didn't report about Zadyrko's decision, органичившись comments that "Gennady Aleksandrovich on Friday at meeting of regional bureau declared the resignation, however the written statement yet didn't submit". Zadyrko's members of the same party claim that the similar behavior is normal for their chairman - it and earlier often announced folding of powers, but after didn't decide to address in writing to the party leader "IN Yulia Timoshenko's "Batkivshchyna" with a request for release from a position.

On Thursday, a day before bureau, Zadyrko told journalists that "consequences of world crisis for the Donetsk region are pernicious"." The metal market is reduced, respectively in metallurgical branch people lose workplaces and salaries. It has an adverse effect at once on the adjacent enterprises: coal and transport. So crisis strongly struck across Donbass. Another matter - whether everything is made in order that we met these crisis situations fully equipped? Whether issues of modernization and re-equipment of branch, introduction of energy saving technologies were resolved? Alas, 17 years we parasitized on property of Soviet period and in development didn't put", - the deputy told, having emphasized that "we are ready to help business, are ready to meet halfway". As it became clear, pernicious crisis appeared and for BYuT in the region. According to one of members of regional bureau of party "IN "Batkivshchyna", Zadyrko refused to run the regional party organization for the reason of lack of financing of activity of local cells. and the debt of Donetsk to regional and city party offices grows every month.

Donetsk political analysts are inclined to carry Zadyrko to group of political populists.To it, to the former member of Socialist party of Alexander Moroz, the confirmed statements are peculiar loud, but nothing. For example, recently the parliamentarian declared that financial "crisis is created by the Secretariat of the President and the President directly". If to examine official releases a press - regional organization services, there is an impression about continuous work of the parliamentarian in the district, however, on the personal page of the deputy on a site of the Verkhovna Rada in the section of the introduced bills, are noted only 4 for all term of its work and except one bill ("about creation of Temporary commission of inquiry of BP concerning accident on mine of Zasyadko... "), the others haven't a direct bearing on voters.

The member of the regional bureau, wished not to call the surname, considers that the similar outcome for Zadyrko is the softest. "Unfortunately, in the regional organization there are a lot of conflicts. Zadyrko now can silently leave, it is his chance", - the party functionary speaks. Thus, today many doubt party that Zadyrko will keep the word and will write the resignation.

Among the most probable candidates for a post of the new chairman, Party members call Valery Karpenko who now directs the Kramatorsk city party organization and has rather serious authority on the central office of BYuT. There are also other surnames - Vladimir Kapliyenko, Evgeny Volkov, Vasily Savin, Vladimir Rzhavsky and about ten more wishing to run for the chairman of mixed Party members on authority and симпатиков.

The situation in Donetsk regional BYuTE is interesting by the continuation, first of all, to other political forces of the region working in the conditions of financial crisis. Except, traditionally strong Party of Regions in the financial plan, in area isn't present more political projects which could brag of such number of sponsors therefore crash threat not from - for absence симпатиков, and for the economic reasons, hung today over many regional offices of parties.


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