The Kiev guests scarified the Nikolaev anti-recessionary program

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On Saturday in NGGU of Pyotr Mogila the round table "An anti-recessionary initiative", devoted to search of ways of protection of territorial bulks from consequences of world financial crisis took place. People's Deputies of Ukraine took part in work of a round table (Roman Zabzalyuk (BYUT), Nikolay Kruglov (Party of Regions), Vladimir Matveev (KPU), etc.), representatives of the National Security and Defense Council, embassies, leading political experts and observers of Ukraine, heads of leading enterprises of Nikolaev, deputies of the City Council and representatives of the city hall.

Need of similar action is connected with that Nikolaev became one of the first cities of Ukraine in which the regional program of actions for overcoming of consequences of world financial crisis was developed.

The Kiev guests actively joined in discussion of the document provided to them. However besides admiration appropriate in such cases from initiative of the periphery, in a hall constructive criticism sounded also.

So, the People's Deputy from Party of Regions, ex-the governor of the Nikolaev area Nikolay Kruglov noted that this program, in his opinion, isn't mobilizing. The prepared document doesn't consider real statistical data, such as, for example, the income of the supermarkets constructed in Nikolaev, but with administration in Kiev, Donetsk or Dnepropetrovsk. In these cities the profit taxes, received from sales in Nikolaev and other cities also are paid.

Also Nikolay Kruglov scarified basic prerequisites of the program: "It is impossible to represent ship-building branch of Nikolaev "engine" of recovery from the crisis.After all lately the gross revenue of 6 enterprises of shipbuilding which else remained from a ship-building complex, makes no more than 3,2% of the income of all economy of area".

In his opinion, creation of workplaces has to become a necessary step for removal of economy from crisis. After all today in the city there were very few enterprises numbering busy population more than 1 thousand people.

The anti-recessionary program has to consider analytics, city economy or area structure, population, problems of the enterprises and so forth

"I didn't see the big section devoted to public works. How we will be able to occupy people who will be dismissed? ", - Nikolay Kruglov declared. He noted that in the document the retraining question wasn't brought up, there is no monitoring of the sphere of employment, and the data, what financial resources be required on creation of workplaces in the city and area.

It isn't considered in the program and a situation with banks in the city and area. After all today the National Bank made the decision to support only 17 banks while in Ukraine about 190 banks and their branches are. On a question that there will be with banks which are presented in Nikolaev, a program the answer doesn't give, Nikolay Kruglov declared.

At the end of the performance he noted that real fight against consequences of crisis requires close cooperation with many public services including with tax, only this way it is possible to reach any result.

I added his words ex-the mayor of Kiev Ivan Saly. He noted that this program is worked not enough. He advised Vladimir Chaika to call the submitted document the list of actions or the draft of the program as in it the mechanism of realization of actions - the budget isn't thought over, means and financing sources - namely in the mechanism and the main sense of the anti-recessionary program consists.

Especially weak place, in his opinion, is point concerning construction. It personally sent the concept of development of branch of building materials to the city hall, but the answer didn't receive. Also he commented on point on crisis in construction branch of Nikolaev: "About what crisis it is possible to speak if at you this branch at all didn't start developing? "

At the end of the performance, probably, that Vladimir Chaika didn't take offense at criticism, Ivan Saly presented to it the book written to them about heads of Kiev for a long time till today."Everything who came to the power in Kiev, first of all tried "to put" the predecessor. I give this book to the mayor of Nikolaev that you, Vladimir Dmitriyevich, this fate" didn't comprehend, - commented on a gift ex-the mayor of Kiev.


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