Seagull invited inhabitants of Kiev that they "were advertized" in Nikolaev, and Kruglova it it wasn't pleasant?

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On Saturday in NGGU of Pyotr Mogila the round table "An anti-recessionary initiative", devoted to search of ways of protection of territorial bulks from consequences of world financial crisis took place.

Need of similar action is connected with that Nikolaev became one of the first cities of Ukraine in which the regional program of actions for overcoming of consequences of world financial crisis was developed.

Action and didn't do without small scandal. Literally the first performances of participants had critical character. The moderator who after Nikolay Kruglov and Ivan Saliya's performances let know tried to correct a situation that critical remarks of participants of action is not the main thing. He declared that participants have to discuss rather socially - a political situation in the country, instead of to express the opinion of rather anti-recessionary program as "we constantly hear similar speeches at meetings of Cabinet of Ministers and other bodies". This statement caused a protest from the People's Deputy of Ukraine, ex-the governor of the Nikolaev area Nikolay Kruglov. He answered that arrived here by the invitation of the mayor of Nikolaev and intended to discuss just the anti-recessionary program, instead of to take part in political public relations - actions. With these words he defiantly left a hall in which passed meeting of "a round table".

In comments concerning its act Nikolay Kruglov declared the following:

"This action - something other, as public relations - an action on promotion of certain political forces. It doesn't set before herself that purpose which was set at session of city council. We, Party of Regions, were initiators of creation of this program, but, for example, in we wash performance you didn't hear any mention of political background. For me the Nikolaev area - not the foreign territory. I in it was born, I passed crises and in the worst conditions in it, and I know how it is necessary to leave them. But for this purpose it is necessary to listen really to heads of the enterprises, services, to fulfill the real program, instead of to give each other gifts, to kiss or tell about the one who the good politician, and who - No. We not for this purpose gathered.The people working at the enterprises, people who can lose or already lost work, have to know accurately that politicians gathered to fulfill the document as a result of which it becomes better for them. And today here were going "to be advertized" under future elections. I don't doubt why there arrived inhabitants of Kiev: their main task - to untwist people from Blok Chernovetsky. Therefore it isn't necessary to make a fool of us! "


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