"Will pay on a minimum" — Nikolay Kruglov

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From giving of the secretariat of the president the bill of an order of the taxation of the income of natural persons in case of which acceptance to citizens it becomes unprofitable to receive legally high salary is introduced in the Verkhovna Rada.

As the author of tax changes the deputy from NUNS Oksana Bilozir who is included into party of the head of the secretariat president Victor Balogi "Uniform Center" acts.

The edition notes that Bilozir doesn't hide that the document was agreed with colleagues on party.

In its bill it is provided that the rate of a tax on the income of natural persons will be differentiated.

The citizens having the income to 6 thousand hryvnias a month, some tax ease waits - the rate of a tax will decrease for them from 15% to 10-12,5%.

For the Ukrainians earning to 12 thousand hryvnias, the rate will remain at former level.

And those who earns over 12 thousand hryvnias a month, the increase in tax loading expects. From their income will raise 20%.

At the same time, business always reacts to increase of taxes equally - fades into the background and reduces receipts in the budget.

"Will pay on a minimum", - the deputy of parliamentary committee of the head of committee on a tax policy Nikolay Kruglov predicts.

The similar scale of the taxation existed in Ukraine till 2004. Then the rate of income tax varied from 10 to 40%. And the highest rate of the taxation was applied already at monthly earnings over 1,7 thousand hryvnias.

Since 2004 the law entered a uniform rate - 13% of income tax. Since 2007 it was increased to 15%.

Need of a conclusion of the income from a shadow was the main cause of introduction of a uniform rate. The idea is simple: for the richest Ukrainians the tax rate decreased at once by 27 percentage points. It couldn't but force them to legalize the capitals.

After establishment of a uniform rate of the taxation the number of official millionaires sharply increased in the country.

The power promises to think long ago of reduction of loading by salary fund, but cardinally changes nothing. In an early autumn the Ministry of Finance tried to reduce for the employer payment in the Pension fund to 30% instead of 33,2% present.But to increase contributions to the Pension fund from a salary of natural persons by 3%. However political crisis prevented implementation and these plans.


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