Mass media: In NATO thought up a compromise for Ukraine

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Today in Brussels Ministers of Foreign Affairs of NATO member states will discuss the subsequent steps concerning dispute settlement round the accession to alliance of Ukraine and Georgia.

As "The German wave" transfers, the day before the Bruxelles diplomats reported about achievement of a basic consent in this question. According to a compromise formula, Ukraine and Georgia have to carry out preparation for the subsequent accession to alliance by performance so-called "the national annual program". In it will there be a speech, in particular, about democratic control over military, a freedom of speech, independence of justice and fair elections. Consultations have to be held within already existing commissions of NATO - Ukraine and NATO - Georgia. On it drew first of all the USA which traditionally lobby process of the entry of these two countries in alliance.

Germany - the main opponent of fast granting to Kiev and Tbilisi of the Plan of action on acquisition of membership in NATO - in turn, could defend point that these programs don't become PDCh substitutes. Berlin warned rather premature acceptance of both states in ranks of North Atlantic alliance and called for dialogue with Russia in this question.

The compromise formula developed by the Bruxelles diplomats, to a great extent displays the British offer. It is known that the USA and Great Britain together with the former states so-called "east block" actively support immediate inclusion of Ukraine and Georgia in alliance. According to such approach, Ukraine and Georgia the special plan of the coordinated and general actions with NATO without accurate schedule, an order and the schedule of receiving by them membership in North Atlantic alliance will be offered. And though both countries already take part in the partnership program with NATO, British urge the allies to create more structured program of the relations between NATO and Ukraine and Georgia with accurate guarantees of a regular exchange in military questions, and also the concrete help in modernization of their armies.

We will remind, for discussion of the British compromise formula to London on Monday there arrived the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.Following the results of negotiations with the British foreign minister David Miliband she declared that Ukraine and Georgia need to pass still "a long way" before they will be able to become members of NATO.


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