Next miracle of the Nikolaev area

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The validity of this simple wisdom from an old song once again was confirmed this Saturday when the group of journalists of the Nikolaev mass media and members of the organizing committee initiated by the People's Deputy of Ukraine R. E. Zabzalyuk of the competition "7 natural miracles of Nikolayevshchina" went to the Berezansky area "to get acquainted" with one more "applicant" for a rank of one of not made by hand Nikolaev miracles - the Tiligulsky estuary. About it reports a press - BYuT Nikolaev regional organization service.


The Tiligulsky estuary is on border of the Nikolaev and Odessa areas and it is considered one of Severo's purest estuaries - the Western Black Sea Coast. Its length reaches 60 km, width - to 4,5 km, the maximum depth - 21 m, transparency of water - to 7 m. It is the deepest and purest and transparent estuary of our region which is separated from the sea by a wide sandy embankment. They are connected by the only artificially created channel.

As the unique natural complex the Tiligulsky estuary is included in the list vodno - marsh grounds which have the international value, mainly, as the environment of existence of waterfowl. In 1995 for the purpose of preservation and rational use of the coast and nearby water areas of the estuary within the Berezansky region of the Nikolaev area the regional landscape park "Tiligulsky" with a total area of 8 195,4 hectares was created.

The majority of nikolayevets more than once heard and read about this competition which has been thought up by the leader of BYuT in the Nikolaev area by Roman Zabzalyuk at the end of this summer. Since then not only "I gained strength" devoted to this program I undressed on a party site of "Batkivshchyna", having turned into a full-fledged information resource which already today school students and the students writing papers on study of local lore actively use, but also there were certain traditions.So, each time, leaving in one of the Areas of Nikolayevshchina for acquaintance to next "nominee", journalists carry with themselves gifts for any of local child care facilities. And the Saturday trip didn't become an exception - before going to the Ottoman spit which was deeply crashing into the Tiligulsky estuary, they visited the Berezansky boarding school where the children deprived of parental guardianship live and study. Together with the head of the berezansky regional organization "IN "Batkivshchyna"" to the V. M. Trebukhoy who long ago are already a patron of this boarding school, journalists and members of the organizing committee handed over to tutors the gifts prepared by an asset of BYuT and personally by the head of Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc by R. Zabzalyuk - winter clothes, bed linen, school accessories and, certainly, sweets.

Thoroughly "zanoyabrivshy" in the last few weeks weather, this Saturday as if would decide to accompany journalists and tempered justice with mercy - day was given dry, almost windless and transparent, the heavy clouds which have gathered over the estuary continually cut through sunshine so nothing prevented to enjoy beauty of the slice of the wild nature closest to Nikolaev and to listen to the story of the most authoritative ecologist of Nikolayevshchina, the member of the organizing committee of competition O. M. Derkacha, - again - by tradition - the guide who has assumed function.

As the well-known musician - the avant-gardist Frank Zalpa told once, "to write about music - all the same what to dance about architecture" … It is so senseless to describe, perhaps, impressions of the lead waters of Tiligul lit up by sunshine, to try to transfer unique aroma of the sea and a steppe grass, reserved beauty of the trees which have taken roots on clay coast - at each of participants of this departure as, however, and at everyone who came or just will arrive on the estuary, there are own, unique impressions and associations. Our same November visit to landscape park "Tiligulsky" simply confirmed once again, known, generally - that, truth: it isn't necessary to wait for any special case, any favorable season to take pleasure in the Nikolaev nature. It will find, than to surprise and please during any time. After all the nature has no bad weather …


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