During picketing by druggists of Cabinet of Ministers one of picketers – the inhabitant of the Nikolaev area

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Representatives фармбизнеса came for All-Ukrainian protest action in Kiev. From the Nikolaev area to this action there arrived about five hundred people. At 7.30 delegation, having dressed scrubs, I began to rise down the street Ivan Mazepa to pass to the Cabinet building.

Near the Cabinet on both sides from it the delegation from Nikolaev, Kherson, Odessa, Kharkov and other areas of Ukraine was built. Requirements of picketers were consolidated to one: to suspend resolutions No. 837 and 827 of September 10, 2008 and No. 955 of October 17, 2008. Indignation of representatives фармбизнеса caused that according to this resolution the civil service of medicines and products of medical appointment is liquidated. In other words, this resolution, according to physicians, is directed on destruction фармотрасли as that, on artificial creation of deficiency of drugs and destruction of drugstores.

Having staid about an hour near Cabinet of Ministers with posters, protesters demanded that to them there was a Prime minister - the Minister or though someone from her deputies. However to protesters so anybody also didn't leave the Cabinet. After that participants of the action moved to the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine. Now they try to inform the requirements to Victor Yushchenko but while it is ineffectual. Participants of the action with indignation noted that today deficiency of drugs makes about 40%. The resolutions adopted by Cabinet of Ministers struck not only on representatives фармотрасли. According to the statement of many picketing, the people having cardiological diseases, diabetes and bronchial asthma suffered from such "care" of the state, etc. Preparations with which they could support the health earlier, actually disappeared from drugstores.

During the All-Ukrainian protest action organized by representatives фармбизнеса in Kiev, there was a tragedy. During transition of picketers from the Cabinet to the Secretariat of the President directly on the street the inhabitant of Voznesensk Alexander Yakovlevich Andreyko died.To the person it became bad, he fell on hands to the fellow countryman Kukse Andrey Timofeyevich. Picketers stopped an ambulance car passing by. Doctors started giving Andreyko the emergency help, however all their efforts were vain - Andrey Yakovlevich died, without regaining consciousness.

Andrey Yakovlevich Andreyko was 82 years old, he is the veteran of the Great Patriotic War. To Kiev it went to picket in protest at destruction of business of the granddaughter who in Voznesensk has a drugstore. The wife and Andrey Yakovlevich's daughter are at present in Russia.

The police squad which has arrived to a scene directed a body died to one of mortuaries of the city of Kiev. Heads of association of pharmaceutical business of Ukraine expressed a deep regret in connection with Andrey Yakovlevich Andreyko's death, and told to our correspondent that they will assume all cares connected with the organization of delivery of a body of A.Ya. Andreyko to Voznesensk and the organization of a funeral.


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