Whether it is worth selling itself for 100 UAH? Nikolayevtsa yesterday went to picket, against what they at all without knowing will protest

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Yesterday, on December 1, around 19.00 people started gathering on crossing of streets Spassky and Moscow. By 20.00 in the specified place the decent crowd - the person 80 in which it was possible to see students, adults, pensioners already was formed.

As it became clear, people gathered on this place to go on picket to Kiev. For a trip to Kiev and participation in protest action to them promised to pay on 100 UAH to everyone.

A question for what they go to the capital and against what will protest, the majority of the gathered couldn't answer plainly. "Something is connected with hospitals or drugstores, - one guy muffledly answered, - money is necessary to us, here and we go".

The purpose of their trip cleared up this morning. So, these nikolayevets went on the All-Ukrainian protest action organized by druggists in Kiev. Already there, in the capital, picketers could "express distinctly the requirements" which were reduced to one: to suspend resolutions No. 837 and No. 827 of September 10, 2008 and No. 955 of October 17, 2008. Indignation of representatives фармбизнеса caused that according to this resolution the civil service of medicines and products of medical appointment is liquidated. In other words, this resolution, according to physicians, is directed on destruction фармотрасли as that, on artificial creation of deficiency of drugs and destruction of drugstores.

The Nikolaev authorities have the view of this problem. "The less than drugstores, the it will be unclear necessary to run where with any pieces of paper less! ", - the mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika on presentation of the new tomograph in the Nikolaev city hospital No. 4 declared on November 11.

Well, everyone achieves the truth. However very sad incident is connected with this picket.

So, we already wrote that during the All-Ukrainian protest action organized by representatives фармбизнеса in Kiev, there was a tragedy. During transition of picketers from the Cabinet to the Secretariat of the President directly on the street the inhabitant of Voznesensk Alexander Yakovlevich Andreyko died.To the person it became bad, he fell on hands to the fellow countryman Kukse Andrey Timofeyevich. Picketers stopped an ambulance car passing by. Doctors started giving Andreyko the emergency help, however all their efforts were vain - Andrey Yakovlevich died, without regaining consciousness.


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