Ministry of Health asks not to speculate on death 82 - the summer druggist

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Edition of Crime Isn't present already wrote about that that during the All-Ukrainian protest action organized by representatives фармбизнеса in Kiev, there was a tragedy. During transition of picketers from the Cabinet to the Secretariat of the President directly on the street the inhabitant of Voznesensk Alexander Yakovlevich Andreyko died. To the person it became bad, he fell on hands to the fellow countryman Kukse Andrey Timofeyevich. Picketers stopped an ambulance car passing by. Doctors started giving Andreyko the emergency help, however all their efforts were vain - Andrey Yakovlevich died, without regaining consciousness.

Ministry of Health of Ukraine urges to stop speculation round death of the person during protest action of druggists.

As it is noted in the statement transferred to agency of the UNIAN a press - service of Ministry of Health, department "expresses deep indignation of the facts of abuses on a subject of death of citizens for the purpose of receiving sensational and resonant information occasions" (it is a question of death 82 - the summer druggist from the Nikolaev area who died on the way of the government House to the Secretariat of the President during a yesterday's action against restriction of margins on drugs and medical products - the UNIAN).

In the statement it is noted that for many years "in society charges of a state divergence of an establishing order question in the pharmaceutical market" were distributed, "and extremely profitable pharmaceutical business remained inviolable "a sacred cow" for all governments".

"For the first time in 17 years the government took an unpopular step and the beginning cardinally to reform pharmaceutical branch", is spoken in the statement. In Ministry of Health declare that the department and government management "realizes that the begun reforms will be painful, long, aren't deprived of mistakes, and will have rigid resistance".

As they say in the statement, attempt of the government to reduce a margin of drugstores by drugs led to boycott, disappearance of preparations from shelves and to dismissal of ordinary workers, thus "real owners фармбизнеса which direct a situation in the market, remain behind the scenes".

When Ministry of Health and representatives of business "in common coordinate changes in the legislation to correct a situation in the market, certain participants of process resort to unfair PR-to campaigns, inciting citizens to protest actions", - is spoken in the statement.

"Unfortunately, ordinary citizens become hostages of those who simply earns money with the poster in hands. They sincerely trust in promises of immoral businessmen who call to Kiev "to protect itself and the children", declare in Ministry of Health and note that "for the sake of excess profits or satisfaction of political ambitions any reasonable line is already passed, human values" are discredited.

Authors of the statement consider that mass media "cynically use, throwing "rating" news about death of people".

Ministry of Health calls "all community, domestic mass media, politicians and businessmen to stop playing with the word "death", to use the real human grief for achievement of the doubtful purposes".


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