Vitaly Yavorsky: many issues on housing and communal services aren't resolved at the level of the government

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The former deputy of the mayor - the director of the department of housing and communal services Vitaly Yavorsky doesn't head five months zhilishchno - municipal services of Nikolaev. Ex-main "zhilishchnik" left... at first on labor exchange, and then - in big-time politics.

In new role V. Yavorsky met correspondents of NZN, having agreed to tell readers of a detail of new life and to explain, for what people's deputies so "threshed" the former director of the department of housing and communal services at sessions of the City Council and the deputy commissions. Interview was published on a site of the Nikolaev regional organization "Uniform Center".

- Whether you watch a situation in the sphere zhilishchno - municipal services now?

- I see how the housing and communal services work. I see achievements and omissions. Here Skorokhodov Street broadened. Good fellows. I worked 5 years the chief engineer in regional management of municipal services so I know "communal flat". When worked as V. Chaika's deputy, there was an idea to broaden Skorokhodov St. We had a case in the winter - a rush on Krylov St. therefore the frost by thickness in meter was formed. We removed ice by means of tanks. Then there was a question - where the second entrance on the Alluvium, and we saw this option. Recently reconstructed this street - I am glad that our undertakings are realized.

I see that many issues on housing and communal services aren't resolved at the level of the government. The system of formation of budgets of all levels is constructed under the government, instead of under local governments: the city gives all earned money to Kiev, and then the cities and villages "elicit" them. It needs to be changed at the level of the state.

- Whether the truth, what offered you a position in representation of the ministry of housing and communal services?

- There was such offer - spoke about creation of municipal inspection. The Cabinet of Ukraine has to create such service. I think that it is the centralized superstructure for control over local governments. She is subordinated to Cabinet of Ministers and has to watch safety of accommodation in municipal houses. But if competently to work in the city, this safety can be ensured and at local level.I think that rather normal financing of housing and communal services - and supervisors it isn't necessary. They and so suffice.

This offer arrived to me still before I decided to enter "the Uniform Center".


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